Adams School of Dentistry: Policy on DDS Academic Standing

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Adams School of Dentistry: Policy on DDS Academic Standing


The Adams School of Dentistry has in place a structure and various policies designed to ensure that students receive an appropriate academic experience and progression:

A. Promotion

To be eligible for promotion, students must successfully complete all course work and appropriate examinations/competencies, satisfy assigned patient care responsibilities, and comply with the technical standards for the semester under review. The determination of promotion is made by the Academic Performance Committee.

B. Graduation

  1. To be eligible for graduation, students must:
    1. successfully complete all coursework;
    2. successfully complete all clinical competencies and multidisciplinary exams;
    3. successfully complete all clinical requirements;
    4. successfully complete all mock boards;
    5. successfully earn a statement of awarded responsibility for all Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) and Capacities;
    6. comply with the ASOD Technical Standards; and
    7. fulfill patient care responsibilities.
  2. A student cannot be cleared for graduation until all temporary grades (IN, NG) or an F earned in core didactic or clinical courses are resolved.
  3. A graduation clearance form must be completed, signed, and submitted to the Assistant Dean for Student Life in the Office of Academic Affairs.
  4. Any financial obligations to the ASOD and University must be resolved. The ASOD will not clear anyone for graduation who has a financial obligation to the ASOD. The University will not release diplomas for any student who has an outstanding account balance with the University Cashier. See the ASOD Policy on Student Financial Obligations.

C. Academic Probation

  1. A course grade of F will result in academic probation for the subsequent semester.
  2. Any two semesters in which a student is on academic probation may result in dismissal from the program.
  3. Students who have been placed on academic and/or patient care probation will not be permitted to participate in external outreach activities at the discretion of the Office of Academic Affairs.

E. Clinical Suspension

A student may be suspended from clinic for reasons including:

  1. Behavior that imperils the safety of him or herself, patients, faculty, staff or other students.
  2. Activity, including inadequate patient record-keeping, that poses a risk management issue for the ASOD.
  3. Substandard clinical judgment or skills that endanger the health and safety of patients.
  4. Non-compliance with clinic policies.
  5. Failure to obtain required immunizations or infectious disease testing by announced deadlines.
  6. Failure to complete required training or periodic retraining, such as Basic Life Support (CPR) or HIPAA.
  7. An isolation order received from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.
  8. Failure to pay fees due to the ASOD. This will also include a suspension from attending classes.

During a clinical suspension, the student is not permitted to treat patients or attend intramural or extramural rotations, including clinical volunteer activities. The student's access to the Epic medical records system will also be removed.

F. Reclassification and Dismissal

Performance or conduct issues may result in Reclassification or Dismissal from the program. For more information, refer to the ASOD Student Dismissal and Reclassification Policy.

G. Academic Excellence - Honors Designations

Students in the Adams School of Dentistry DDS program may qualify for graduation with honors along three tracks associated with the School’s ACT curriculum – Advocate, Clinician, or Thinker.  For each track, students must meet specific criteria developed and approved by the faculty.  Applications for honors must be accompanied by the student’s curriculum vitae, documentation of their accomplishments, and endorsement by a faculty member.  Honors designations are limited to 15% or fewer of the graduates and are noted as a remark in the transcript.

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