Adams School of Dentistry: Extended Leave of Absence Policy-DDS


Adams School of Dentistry: Extended Leave of Absence Policy-DDS

Unit Policy

I. Extended Leave of Absence

A. Definition

An Extended Leave of Absence refers to any absence extending five (5) consecutive days or longer.

Students must notify the Executive Vice Dean for Education of any illness or other unusual circumstances that may necessitate an extended leave of absence, more than five (5) days, from classes, laboratory work, clinic sessions or other required activities. Students must also notify and consult with affected course or clinic directors, who will determine the indication and nature of any make-up work. It is the student’s responsibility to consult with each course or clinic director and make arrangements for the prescribed make-up work or sessions.

B.  Submission of request for extended leave of absence

A request for an extended leave of absence must be presented in writing and addressed to the Executive Vice Dean for Education. The written notification must state the start date of the requested leave, the intended return date to the program, and the justification for the leave. Extended leave application may include but is not limited to the below circumstances.

Leave of Absence to Resolve Personal or Health Problems: When health is at issue, the request should contain documentation and a recommendation from the student’s physician or other health care provider. All submitted materials will be kept in confidence to the extent provided by law.

Leave of Absence for Academic Remediation: The Executive Vice Dean for Education will determine if the student requires leave to repeat or otherwise make-up academic work. A student will not be granted a leave of absence solely to avoid completing course requirements in a timely manner. Students returning from academic leave must document successful completion of all remediation activities as recommended by the Academic Performance Committee/Student Progress Review Team.

Leave of Absence to Participate in an Educational Program, Research or Service Engagement: The student must submit a petition specifying the goals and scope of educational program, research or service-engagement opportunity to the Executive Vice Dean for Education.

C. Process for return from extended leave of absence

A student wishing to return from a leave of absence must request in writing (at least 15 days prior to the expiration of the leave) authorization to do so from the Executive Vice Dean for Education. The petition should confirm the anticipated date of return and should document that the reason for the leave has been met and/or provide proof of completion of educational program. For leaves granted for health reasons, documentation from the student health care provider must be included, and must specify that the return to the program does not create a risk of harm to the student, other students, patients, faculty and staff and that the student is capable of performing in the rigorous DDS program.

Returning students, whose clinical skills may have diminished during their absence, may require an individualized program of remediation as prescribed by the Academic Performance Committee.

II. Maternity, paternity, and adoption leave

A. Overview

A student may be granted up to six (6) weeks for maternity leave, up to two (2) weeks of paternity leave, and up to two (2) weeks of absence for Adoption Leave. 

B. Submission of leave request

1. Maternity leave

Maternity leave should begin when the affected student's condition precludes the student from participating in program activities. To request a leave of absence, it is recommended that the student meet in-person with the Vice Dean for Education, Assistant Dean for Student Life, and/or the Director of Clinical Curriculum to develop a plan for their return and catching up when they do return. A student may be granted up to six (6) weeks maternity leave; however, a longer leave may be permitted as indicated by a physician. The student may elect to return to school after a shorter period of time if the student receives written approval from her physician. This should be a strictly voluntary decision by the student.

2. Paternity leave

Paternity leave may be requested by the affected student by submitting a written request to the Executive Vice Dean for Education. Up to two weeks of leave may be granted. If requested by the student, additional weeks of leave may be granted in order to manage unforeseen circumstances upon approval of submission of written medical documentation indicating reasons for extending the period of leave.

3. Adoption leave

Students may request two weeks of absence for Adoption Leave. The parents may be eligible for an extension of the period of leave upon submission of written medical documentation.

4. Important considerations

Pregnant students or students returning from maternity leave may require accommodations within the dental school curriculum to fulfill their parental obligations. For more information regarding accommodation for pregnant and parenting students, please review the University's Accommodations Policy.

III. Contact Information

Policy Contacts
Topic Officer Contact Info
Questions about this policy Executive Vice Dean for Education
Questions about this policy Assistant Dean for Student Life


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