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New Employment (EHRA Non-Faculty)

through ConnectCarolina or to the EHRA Non- Faculty HR unit. All such information is sent directly to the EEV Specialists. Payroll Direct Deposit Form & Tax Forms These are required steps for

604.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Disposing of University-Owned Surplus Property

Form 604.1.1f - Surplus Property Management System (SPMS) Department Administrator Initial Registration form. A training manual for the system can be found on the University Finance "Training

Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 04: Planning Calendar

units of any changes using their listserv.   2023 Date Event January 4 Summer School emails electronic memos and nomination forms to departmental

Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 08: Faculty

information. Do not copy and overwrite the previously submitted form. Such notification is required to maintain accurate records of employment for payroll purposes. We cannot accept changes by phone

1505.1 - Procedure for Obtaining a Travel & Expense Card

In order to obtain a University Travel & Expense Card (T&E Card), several forms must be completed. ... Introduction Purpose In order to obtain a University Travel & Expense Card (T&E Card), several forms must be completed. A T&E Card is issued after the necessary forms are approved and the

307.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Requesting, Reconciling, and Settling Cash Advance

the employee's salary to recover the amount. Forms and Instructions Finance Form 307.1.1f - Application for the Advancement of Funds Finance Form 307.1.2f - Cash Advance Agreement Finance

Dual Employment

Chapel Hill Secondary Employment Policy Forms Dual Employment Request Form State Budget Form CP-30 Contact Information Policy Contact Office of Human Resources CB #1045 UNC

Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for University Property

well as with the State Property Office and NC Department of Insurance. Forms and Instructions The following reporting process is required for new construction and newly acquired, renovated, or

306.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Establishing an Imprest Checking (Bank) Account

Procedure Statement This procedure explains how to request and establish an imprest checking account. Forms and Instructions To request an imprest checking account, submit the following

1270.1 - Procedure for Employee Relocation Compensation

Departments should submit the payment request with corresponding documentation including the appointment letter which states the payment amount via the Relocation Compensation lump sum payment ePAR form

708.4 - Procedure for Requesting and Paying a Community Collaborator

Collaborators must supply IRS form W-9 as a US person. Community Collaborators who cannot sign IRS form W-9 as a US person must use the standard Independent Contractor checklist (Finance Form 708.1.1f

UNC Police: General Order 02-02R8 - General Management

. References/Forms UNC-CH Police Department Annual Security and Fire Safety Report UNC-CH Police Department Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Reports UNC-CH Police Department Monthly Crime Analysis

Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for Study and Travel Abroad

departure date. Forms and Instructions To enroll in the University's study and travel abroad insurance program, all requests must be made to Risk Management Services. A completed Study Abroad

205.3 - Procedure on Establishing, Modifying and Closing an Institutional Trust or Special Fund Source

Procedure Statement An institutional trust or special fund ("trust fund") may be established in ConnectCarolina using the Source Create module (see Forms and Instructions for details). The

Procedure on Reporting Automobile Accidents

damage involving University-owned, NC Motor Fleet Management, or personal vehicles being used for official state business. Forms and Instructions For all accidents or damage involving a