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Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 03.08: Injury, Illness, and Near Miss - Travel Immunization Program

, Location, and Contact Information Table Affiliation Location Contact Information Faculty and Staff (Graduate Students if on University payroll) University

604.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Disposing of University-Owned Surplus Property

Form 604.1.1f - Surplus Property Management System (SPMS) Department Administrator Initial Registration form. A training manual for the system can be found on the University Finance "Training

603.2 - Procedure for Reporting Capital Equipment Missing or Stolen During Normal Operations

property or its cost. Forms and Instructions Notify the department head immediately of any stolen equipment. The department head immediately reports the incident to UNC Police. (Non

Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 07: Summer School Administrators

(s); assists the unit Human Resources facilitator in preparing nomination forms for payroll; oversees any changes in course offerings, such as the addition of sections to accommodate waitlists; and

Secondary Employment for SHRA Employees Procedure

engaging in secondary employment: Selected candidates for permanent employment who already have secondary employment must submit a Secondary Employment Request Form for SHRA Employees to their new

Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for University Property

well as with the State Property Office and NC Department of Insurance. Forms and Instructions The following reporting process is required for new construction and newly acquired, renovated, or

307 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Cash Advance

, for services. Cash awards to an employee (excluding gift certificates and gift cards). Cash awards to an employee who is on another state agency payroll such as UNC Hospitals. Department purchase

309.1 - Procedure for Reconciling, Reporting, and Escheating Abandoned Property

To maintain appropriate fiscal reporting and ensure internal controls are met to prevent fraud, all imprest checking account, payroll account, accounts payable account, and petty cash account ... the check. If attempts to contact the payee are unsuccessful, then the check shall be escheated. All efforts in this process will be documented. Exceptions None. Forms Finance Related

708.4 - Procedure for Requesting and Paying a Community Collaborator

Collaborators must supply IRS form W-9 as a US person. Community Collaborators who cannot sign IRS form W-9 as a US person must use the standard Independent Contractor checklist (Finance Form 708.1.1f

Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for Study and Travel Abroad

departure date. Forms and Instructions To enroll in the University's study and travel abroad insurance program, all requests must be made to Risk Management Services. A completed Study Abroad

Procedure on Reporting Automobile Accidents

damage involving University-owned, NC Motor Fleet Management, or personal vehicles being used for official state business. Forms and Instructions For all accidents or damage involving a

1505 - Policy on Travel & Expense Card Program

utilized as the primary form of payment for all allowable travel purchases including, but not limited to, air reservations, lodging, car rentals, and ground transportation. This will reduce the out-of

904.5 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on SHRA Additional Pay with Other State Agencies

Agency. Forms and Instructions Prior to the UNC-CH SHRA employee beginning the additional duties at another State Agency, the UNC-CH Parent department must complete a Dual Employment Request form and

Policy on Name Changes

. Forms Name/SSN Change Form Document History Effective Date: February 1, 2016 Last Revised Date: May 12, 2016

1505.3 - Procedure for Reconciling a Travel & Expense Card

University Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Forms Anonymous Report of T&E Card Fraud or Abuse Web Form Finance Form 705.1.1f - Tax Exemption Letter to UNC-CH Business Partner Finance