904.5 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on SHRA Additional Pay with Other State Agencies

Procedure Statement

A permanent full-time SHRA employee (scheduled for 40 hours/per week) normally is appointed to one position at one established rate of pay. Additional employment involves work beyond the permanent full-time employee's regular scheduled 40 hours. This policy outlines the process to gain approval for SHRA employees entering a Dual Employment agreement with another State Agency.

Forms and Instructions

Prior to the UNC-CH SHRA employee beginning the additional duties at another State Agency, the UNC-CH Parent department must complete a Dual Employment Request form and secure approval from the Director of Employment and Staffing. If approved, the Director will sign the form and a copy should be kept with the UNC-CH Parent department.

See Policy below 904.3 for instructions of how UNC-CH employees are paid after Dual Employment services are rendered.

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  • May 3, 2016: Modified all SPA references to reflect state change to "SHRA."
  • January 31, 2012
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