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708.2 - Procedure for Paying an Independent Contractor

Payments to Independent Contractors (IC) are created online in the same manner one creates a campus voucher to a vendor. Forms and Instructions Finance Form 708.1.1f - Employee-Independent

Office of Sponsored Programs - 400.06, Procedure 1 - Submitting a Financial Guarantee Request

pop-up form will appear requesting Financial Agreement Information. Fill out the form and click the "Submit" button. Include sufficient justification to support the likelihood of the award and the

UNC One Card Building Access Cards for Short Time Contractors Doing After-Hour or Weekend Work

can control the electronic access to the building that is controlled by the One Card Office rather than issue a key to that contractor. We will send a form to the department to fill in our needed

Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 03.02: Injury, Illness, and Near Miss - Reporting Incidents, Personal Injuries, and Near Misses

Industrial Commission Form 19.pdf ... attention. The supervisor is also to notify the Environment, Health and Safety Office by telephone for follow-up. Reports The employee completes the form, Employee’s Incident Report Form (see

603.6 - Procedure for Transfer of Equipment to Other Institutions

. Exceptions None Forms and Instructions Prepare a letter approved by your department head or chair, addressed to Director of Logistics, Asset Management, describing the reason for

602.1 - Procedure for Receiving Gifts and Donations of Capital Equipment to the University

Trading in of Capital Equipment Forms Finance Form 602.1.1f - Equipment Donation - Gifts Form Contact Information Primary Contact Capital Asset & ePro/eCommerce Program Manager

308.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Establishing a New Credit Card Merchant Account

Account A payment card merchant account can take a minimum of six weeks to complete from the initial meeting until the account is in production and the first transaction has been accepted. Forms

SHRA Direct Hire Temporary Overview and Appointment Types

: through UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University’s joint University Temporary Services (UTS) service; through an outside temporary employment agency; and/or by hiring temporary staff directly onto the department’s payroll (Direct Hire Temporary). ... ; Through an outside temporary employment agency; and/or By hiring temporary staff directly onto the department’s payroll (Direct Hire Temporary). Scope of Applicability This policy applies

708.1 - Procedure for Independent Contractor Predetermination Process

and require the Independent Contractor to fill out Form 1218.1.2f - Direct Deposit Authorization Form for Vendors (ACH). This pre-approval will ensure there are no payment delays and that the University

Vendor Inquiries to University Career Services

their career-related products or services. Therefore, we have developed a centralized review process. To have your product or service considered, please complete our vendor form. Only vendors who

603 - Equipment Inventory and Reporting Policy

physical inventory. What do we do? A: Follow University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Procedure 603.2 as a guide to the various departments to notify. Asset Management requires a Finance Form

Procedure for Vacating/Moving Laboratory Space

Safety Clearance Form.pdf ... radioactive material (Geiger counter survey and wipe test survey). The Safety Clearance Form (Appendix F) is to be used for rooms/equipment that contained radioactive material, have been

602.2 - Procedure for Purchasing and Trading in of Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment Relocation Form For Equipment Items Costing $5 ... Equipment to the University Forms Finance Form 603.5.1f - Capital Equipment Relocation Form Contact Information Primary Contact Capital Asset & ePro Commerce Program Manager Phone: 919-962-6267 Email:

Office of Sponsored Programs - 500.14, Procedure 1 - Cash Advance Requests & Reconciliations

campus voucher requesting the amount of the Cash Advance using account code 559510 Complete and attach the following documents to the transaction: all cash advance forms linked below are available

Laboratory Safety Manual - Chapter 13: Safe Handling of Peroxidizable Compounds

This chapter describes the hazards associated with peroxide formation in chemical compounds, methods to detect peroxides, safe handling, use, and storage of peroxidizable compounds, and how to remove peroxide contamination from chemicals. ... : Substances for which peroxide formation can initiate explosive polymerization of monomeric forms. Peroxide accumulation is a balance between the rate of peroxide formation and the rate of