Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 10: Non-Personnel Budget Funds


Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 10: Non-Personnel Budget Funds

10. Non-Personnel Budget Funds

  1. The amount of money available for non-personnel expenses of Summer School varies from year to year. Allocations are made for supplies and materials for Summer School courses. It is recognized that non-personnel expenditures may secondarily benefit instruction in fall or spring terms.
  2. Notification of the amount available for non-personnel expenditures is usually made in December. The funds must be used prior to the Accounting Department deadline for current fiscal year.  Summer School allocates non-personnel funding to the Dean's Office level of the academic affairs professional schools and the College of Arts and Sciences.  
  3. For equipment and special item purchases, it is imperative that orders be placed early and the progress of the order frequently monitored. Should a vendor not be able to make delivery on time, a cancellation of the order is necessary.
  4. All requisitions, purchase orders, and monthly statements from on-campus suppliers must clear Accounts Payable by the end of May to allow for charges to be processed against Summer School funds in this fiscal year.
  5. Neither encumbrances nor overdrafts may be carried over into a new fiscal year. When charges and encumbrances are not cleared through Accounts Payable, it will be necessary for the Summer School Administrator to make arrangements to issue the appropriate forms (Requisition or journal entry) to change the source of the funds, usually to trust funds or state funds.
  6. Any charges that carry over to the next fiscal year must be cleared before any future allocations will be made. Failure to clear carry-over expenses may result in no future allocations.
  7. Should there be budget cuts required of your unit, Summer School funds cannot be used to offset reductions. Should your unit be asked to use your Summer School funds for budget reductions, please contact Summer School immediately.
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