Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 13: Forms


Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 13: Forms

13. Forms

A. Summer Administrator Form

Units use this form in August to submit the name of their Summer School administrator and the name of only one support staff. This staff person serves as the point-of-contact for the department or school and distributes information as appropriate within the unit.

B. Instructor Nomination Form

Units use this form in January to submit names of all summer instructional personnel, including 9-month base faculty, unit administrators, teaching assistants, graduate assistants, visiting or part-time faculty and 12-month faculty.  Units do not need to include unpaid thesis, dissertation, practicum and internship sections.  Note:  Include all personnel.  There is no longer a separate form for visiting and 12-month faculty.  

C. Change Form

Units use this form to submit changes in teaching assignments. Send only the changes, not the entire roster for the unit.  Include the existing assignment and the new assignment after any changes.

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