School of Nursing: Staff Bylaws


School of Nursing: Staff Bylaws

Unit Policy



The purpose of this policy is to set forth the mission, membership, and governance of the School of Nursing (SON) staff organization.

Scope of Applicability

This policy applies to SON staff.


Mission Statement

The charge of the SON staff and the Staff Representatives Committee (SRC) is to facilitate communication and professional development, and to constructively address school-wide issues and concerns presented by SON staff, faculty and administration.


Membership will include SON full-time, part-time and temporary SHRA and those who self-identify as staff employees.

The SRC may consist of up to seven members per fiscal year. By group consensus, they are to decide their operating structure and decision-making process for planning meetings. There will be one Staff Representative Lead (SRL) elected by the SON staff members. The SRL and Staff Representatives (SR) are volunteer roles. The SRL, upon being elected, serves a two-year term; the first year as SRL and the second as an SR. All other SR serve a one-year term to coincide with the fiscal year. There will be a "transition meeting" planned with new SR volunteers for the purpose of orientation.

Nomination and election of Staff Representative Lead

The SRL candidates can nominate themselves or be nominated by another staff member as long as the nominee has granted permission via email or write-in to a designee. The nomination period will be open for one week. Once nominations are complete and candidates confirmed on the ballot, voting will be open for one week via an anonymous online poll. A designee (named in advance to all staff) will collect and count the votes. The designee will inform SON staff, via email, of the elected member receiving the majority vote to serve as SRL; all other candidates serve as SR.


Staff Representatives Meetings

The SRC will meet on a regular basis to plan SON Staff meetings/gatherings/events.

All SON Staff Meetings, Gatherings and, Events

SON staff will meet, at minimum two times during the year, to discuss and address Staff concerns and to explore ideas for potential workshops, training sessions, or other activities. Minutes will be recorded at all meetings. SR are responsible for recording minutes and will share the routine tasks necessary to plan, organize, and perform meetings. Additional meetings may be incorporated into school-wide events during the year. There is an annual Staff Retreat each March which coincides with the UNC-Chapel Hill Spring break, as well as, a Staff Thanksgiving pot-luck meal in November. A Business meeting will be conducted at the beginning of any formal SON Staff meeting, gathering or event.

New or Ad hoc Committees

New or ad hoc committees are supported and encouraged to handle specific SON Staff topics (i.e., as noted above, as a committee for planning the Staff Retreat). A new or ad hoc committee may be formed at the request of the SR or Staff may initiate the formation of a committee to coordinate a specific gathering or event. Staff interested in the forming of a new or ad hoc committee will present their proposal (prepared in writing to outline the purpose) to all members. An electronic vote may be implemented to confirm Staff support of the proposed committee.

Staff Fund

The SON Staff receive an annual budgeted amount which includes operating funds to cover expenses for an annual Staff Retreat and meetings/events planned during the year. Funds remaining at the end of a fiscal year do not carry forward to the next fiscal year.

Amendments to the Staff Bylaws

Proposals to amend these bylaws are submitted to the appropriate governing officials for review and then presented at a SON Staff meeting to all members of the Staff for approval by majority vote.



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Lisa Miller, Associate Dean for Administrative Services

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