School of Nursing: Standard on the Dean's Student Advisory Council


School of Nursing: Standard On The Dean's Student Advisory Council

Unit Standard



The Dean's Student Advisory Council serves a communication link among students at all levels and the Administration of the School of Nursing through an active exchange of ideas and information. Each meeting will address specific agenda items developed by students and administrators relevant to any aspect of student life and learning at the University. The goal is to promote continual improvement in academic programs and the learning environment in the School of Nursing.

Scope of Applicability

Designated participants.




The Dean of the School of Nursing will moderate the meeting. The School of Nursing Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Assistant Dean of the Office of Student Affairs will participate. The Associate and Assistant Dean will alternate as recorders.


A call via email will go out early each fall semester inviting students at all program levels to participate. The Assistant Dean of the Office of Student Affairs and Assistant Deans of the respective programs will review applications and make final selections. The terms of service will be for one academic year, with the option for reappointment for one additional year.

Students will represent program levels as follows:

  • Undergraduate, junior: N=3
  • Undergraduate senior: N=3
  • Masters: N=6
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice: N=2
  • Doctor of Philosophy: N=2

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will occur twice per year, scheduled shortly after mid-semester in fall and spring semesters. Meetings will be scheduled in late afternoon/early evening for about 1.5 to 2 hours and include refreshments or a light meal.

Format of Meetings

Informal meal together, group discussion, and recommendations as appropriate.


Issues will be identified for further action prior to the conclusion of the meeting.

Student Rewards

A simple system of recognition will be established to thank students for their thoughtful participation.



Contact Information

Primary Contact

Valerie Howard, Dean

Other Contact

Peggy Wilmoth, Executive Vice Dean and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Important Dates

  • Effective Date and title of Approver: October 15, 1999
  • Revised: 12/29/1999
  • Revised: 09/26/2000
  • Revised: 1/13/2011

Approved by:

Nilda Peragallo Montano (Peggy Wilmoth - Representative)


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