School of Nursing: Standard on Processing Executive Committee Decisions

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School of Nursing: Standard on Processing Executive Committee Decisions



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To be evaluated at next review.



The executive committee's work focuses on curriculum and policies related to admissions and student progression. The work of the committee is directed by the elected chair and is done collaboratively with the program director. Decisions made by the committee are recorded in the minutes and, as such, provide direction to the executive committee chair and program director for their implementation.

When decisions are made at executive committee meetings, the chair should, with the committee's input, articulate a timeline for implementation of the decision and identify resources needed and how they will be requested or obtained, as relevant. If any other people need to be involved in the implementation of a decision, these people should be identified in the meeting minutes and notified of their involvement by the chair or program director.

Generally, the program director oversees the implementation of the executive committee's decisions. In some cases, the vote of relevant faculty group (undergraduate or graduate) is needed prior to implementation of an executive committee recommendation. Such a vote is usually related to a "larger curriculum" decision as directed in the bylaws (see attached).

For issues that warrant further discussion or work by a task force or another faculty committee, the executive committee chair or relevant program director will follow through in communicating with the appropriate persons or establish the ad hoc committee themselves, in consultation with the executive committee members.

For issues that involve the larger faculty, the executive committee chair may take executive committee issues to the Faculty Executive Committee or, in some cases, directly to the FEC chair for placement on a faculty meeting agenda. At the FEC or faculty meeting, "next steps" and who will be responsible for these steps are discussed and recorded in the minutes.

The program director may also take executive committee issues to the Academic Affairs Council at the direction of the executive committee.

Responsibilities of the executive committee chair and support staff

Executive Committee Support Staff

  • Records and processes minutes of executive committee meetings
  • If Chair does not do it processes and distributes (email) meeting agenda
  • Track motions and highlight for easy tracking in the minutes.
  • Post minutes and other committee documents to the relevant sections of the P drive after approval by the committee and as directed by the executive committee chair.

Executive Committee Chair

The executive committee chair coordinates the work of the committee and conducts the meeting. In conjunction with the Program Director he/she:

  • Develops meeting agenda
  • Reviews minutes before taken back to committee for approval
  • Follows up on items from executive committee meetings



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Carol Durham, Faculty Chair

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  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 4/28/2008 by FEC
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