School of Nursing: Standard On Funds For Professional Development Activities

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School of Nursing: Standard On Funds For Professional Development Activities



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To be evaluated at next review.


The Carrington Travel and Leave Committee awards funds to UNC School of Nursing faculty members to support professional development activities and associated travel. Everyone with a fixed term or tenure track appointment to the UNCSON faculty is eligible to receive awards for activities related to their professional development. Attending C.E. courses and meetings of professional societies are the most frequent activities that receive support; other activities that are related to professional development are also supported, excluding work that is part of a degree program.

The funds available to the Committee are not sufficient to cover all of the expenses related to the professional development of the SON faculty. In order to support as many faculty members as possible and have funds available for activities at all times of the year, the Committee's annual budget initially is allocated equally throughout the fiscal year and a cap is placed on the total amount that will be awarded to any individual during the fiscal year. An individual may receive multiple awards during a fiscal year, but the total of the awards will not exceed the cap. During the fiscal year, the Committee may adjust the allocations and cap in the light of demand and past experience.

Guidelines for making awards

Priority is given to those who:

  • did not receive an award in the previous year;
  • are making presentations (talks, papers, or posters);
  • are attending an activity in a key leadership role; or
  • are receiving honors or other special recognition.

Presentations of data and results from a funded research project are expected to be supported by the grant as long as funds are available.

The funds awarded by the Committee are expressly for support of faculty development — activities related to recruitment and administration should receive support from other sources. Although development of skills to further teaching, service, and research may be supported with the funds awarded by the Committee, support for the direct performance of those activities should be provided by other sources.

Awards are adjusted by percent FTE in the SON, except for small awards such as C.E. fees.

Application and Award Process

To apply for an award, complete an electronic copy of the request form, found at P:common\sharedoc\travel\Carrington Travel Funds Request Form.doc. Email the copy along with a scanned copy of the registration for your activity to the Committee chair two weeks before the scheduled monthly Carrington Committee meeting held on the third Thursday of each month during the Academic Year.

Applicants will be notified within a week if they will be funded. If so, submit receipts to Pamela Siler at or OAS room 102.



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