School of Nursing: Procedure For Managing Student Teaching Requests from External Students


School of Nursing: Procedure For Managing Student Teaching Requests from External Students

Unit Procedure



To provide policy guidance on managing and approving teaching requests from students external to the School of Nursing.

Scope of Applicability

School of Nursing Faculty and Students from external organizations.


The School of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNCSON) supports the requests of graduate students from other institutions to practice teach in the undergraduate or graduate programs whenever possible. Priority for placement is given to students enrolled in the UNCSON.

For students enrolled in graduate programs not at UNC Chapel Hill, it is important that planning begin as early as possible in the semester prior to implementation. Students should contact the appropriate Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to initiate planning and referral to the Associate Dean for the program that best fits their learning needs and clinical skills.

All students will be expected to pay a fee of $1000 to the School of Nursing. Supervising faculty will have access to 50% of this fee for faculty development purposes; the remainder of the fee will support the work of the staff related to placement and compliance. Students will be expected to comply with all School of Nursing and, if applicable, all agency clinical compliance requirements.

If a course/faculty/student "fit' is identified, payment of the fee to the School of Nursing and learning contracts with the identified faculty member must be completed no later than:

  • October 15 (for spring semester)
  • March 15 (for summer semester)
  • June 15 (for fall semester)

School of Nursing contracts with the affiliating school will be initiated by the appropriate program Associate Dean with the Director of the Clinical Support Division.

Students will be referred by the program Associate Dean to the Director of the Clinical Support Division for the purpose of meeting all health and safety compliance requirements.

Learning contracts, school/school contracts and all health and safety requirements must be completed two weeks prior to the start of classes. All records pertaining to the placement will be maintained in the Office of Academic Affairs.



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Contact Information

Primary Contact

Peggy Wilmoth, Associate Dean Academic Affairs

Important Dates

  • Effective Date and title of Approver: 3/2/2010 approved by Academic Affairs Council
  • Revised: 3/22/2016 by the Academic Affairs Council
  • Revised: 2/25/2020 by the Academic Assistant Deans

Approved by:

Peggy Wilmoth, Executive Vice Dean
Associate Dean Academic Affairs


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