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This Standard provides requirements for the procurement of accessible Digital Content, Resources, and Technology (“Digital Material”). Implementing this standard will ensure that all individuals have access to Digital Material purchased by or on behalf of the University in compliance with the Policy on Digital Accessibility and with governing law.
The amount of money available for non-personnel expenses of Summer School varies from year to year. Allocations are made for Supplies and Materials for Summer School courses. It is recognized that the expending of non-personnel funds may secondarily benefit instruction in fall or spring terms.
This policy is to ensure compliance with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Small Order Policy and offer an efficient means of acquiring goods and services quickly at a lower cost.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill enacts this policy in accordance with North Carolina purchasing guidelines. Extraordinary purchasing procedures may be used to accommodate emergency or "pressing need" conditions as defined here.
The policy explains the regulations governing the issuance and use of the Purchasing Card.
This policy conveys the requirements for the purchase of used equipment to ensure compliance with State of North Carolina procurement rules.
The reason for this policy is to provide flexibility of mitigating risk associated with key procurements that require satisfactory delivery and installation by the vendor.
This Procedure explains how to request a Waiver of competition to purchase product(s) and/or services(s) without competition when competition is otherwise required. This generally means that the product/service is unique and that the vendor is the only one from whom the product/service can be provided or that the brand specified is the only brand that will meet the requirements.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recognizes there are instances when it is necessary to procure a single-source purchase to meet current needs. This policy ensures the substantiation of such needs while adhering to state laws regulating fair bidding competition.
The State Workplace Safety Program requires Environment, Health and Safety Office review of hazardous materials and selected safety-related equipment and supplies.
Purchasing Office notifies EHS when orders are placed. LSO will maintain a central inventory of lasers on campus. ALUs are required to report acquisition or fabrication of such devices to the EHS by completing schedule E of Laboratory Safety plan. Annual inventories of all lasers will be conducted by LSO. Contact LSO before transferring or disposing of any lasers.
These Procedures provide guidelines for procurement card (PCard) utilization in Student Affairs, including account holder responsibilities, account holder consequences, purchases for food and gratuity, purchases with terms and conditions, student travel and IT purchases. Please note that state funds cannot be used for any food purchases and related gratuity.