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This policy reflects the School’s strongest commitment to support a tobacco free campus and its ongoing mission to improve the health and well-being of the general public at large.
This Policy provides guidelines to the UNC Health Care System (UNCHCS) and the University of the School of Medicine (SOM) Covered Personnel on how to engage with Vendors in ways that protect personal and institutional integrity.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill adopted guidelines in 2006 on donations and curriculum development. The purpose of these guidelines is to promote early consultation with faculty about potential donations that have a material effect on the curriculum. Donations affecting the curriculum may originate within the university development office or within academic units. In most cases, faculty members will be unified in their desire to accept a proposed donation affecting the curriculum
This policy governs the acceptance of gifts to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (the "University") and Associated Entities of the University and applies to all employees and volunteers responsible for supporting fundraising on campus.
The purpose of this Standard is to establish the minimum endowment funding levels to appropriately support scholarships, professorships, programs, and other funding needs.
This document is intended to ensure that capital projects are fully funded at the outset of construction and partially shield against the inflationary costs of construction.
The purpose of this policy is to honor the confidentiality of the donors and their advisors, respect the legality and confidentiality of estate planning documents and keep an open line of communication with all departments and foundations that benefit from such gifts.
The purpose of this policy is to ensure a universal understanding of the management and investment of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's endowment.
To provide tax ramifications related to the University faculty and EHRA non-faculty employees donating their honoraria or consulting fees to the University. To provide guidelines for accepting such gifts by the University, deductibility for tax purposes of such gifts by the University employee and to the proper accounting for such gifts within the University.
This standard outlines a uniform method for named and endowed chairs and professorships within the School of Nursing.