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Longevity pay recognizes and expresses the University’s and the state's appreciation for the long-term service of permanent employees. The purpose of this policy is to provide information about eligibility requirements and payment details for SHRA employee longevity pay, as set forth by the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources Longevity Pay policy.


Full-time and part-time (20 hours or more) SHRA permanent, probationary, and time-limited employees who have completed at least 10 years of total state service are eligible for longevity pay. Part-time (less than 20 hours) and temporary employees are not eligible for longevity pay.


Policy Statement

Longevity pay is to recognize long-term service. In providing longevity pay, the University will adhere to the requirements set forth in the North Carolina Office of State Human Resources Longevity Pay policy.

Additional information and guidelines are outlined on the Office of Human Resources’ Longevity Pay webpage.

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North Carolina Office of State Human Resources Longevity Pay Policy

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Office of Human Resources

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