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Requiring use of these payroll reporting mechanisms provides accurate, up-to-date employee payroll records while upholding University, state and federal regulations.
This program provides consistent procedures and capability for maintaining, recording, and reporting the University's personnel payroll information.
The University deals constantly with the public's perception of how we conduct the business of the University. All University employees must be constantly mindful of the public trust that we discharge, of the necessity for conducting ourselves with the highest ethical principles, and avoiding any action that may be viewed as a violation of the public trust.
This program was created in order to protect customer information and comply with the safeguard provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (15 USC, Subchapter 1, sec. 6801-6809) and the rules promulgated thereunder by the Federal Trade Commission.
To provide tax ramifications related to the University faculty and EHRA non-faculty employees donating their honoraria or consulting fees to the University. To provide guidelines for accepting such gifts by the University, deductibility for tax purposes of such gifts by the University employee and to the proper accounting for such gifts within the University.
Procedure on Reporting Misuse of University Property or Funds
It is important for employees to exercise care and sound judgment in the use of University property and funds in order to maintain the public trust.
This policy defines the fiscal responsibilities and accountability of the disbursing authority to maintain integrity in the University-related transactions and to reduce the potential for misuse of University resources.