1277 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Radiation-Producing Equipment



This policy is to clarify the process of purchasing equipment that produces radiation to ensure the safety of the University community.

Scope of Applicability

All University Faculty and Staff.


Policy Statement

Various types of equipment produce radiation by design or incidental to the primary purpose of the device. Design and performance standards have been imposed on manufacturers through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Requisitions for radiation-producing equipment are electronically routed for approval via ConnectCarolina, first to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), and then to Purchasing Services. EHS will review the requisitions, note the location where the equipment is to be installed, and determine whether shielding or other special requirements are necessary. A brief description of how the equipment will be used and any special safety precautions or operating procedures will expedite the review.



Additional Information

Special Situations


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if a piece of equipment is radiation-producing?
A: You may verify the equipment is radiation-producing by researching the vendor's website or by calling them.

Q: May I get verbal approval from EHS to save time?
A: No. EHS must electronically approve the requisition after careful review.

Q: I would like my lab staff to install a new piece of radiation-producing equipment to save time and expense. Is there any problem with this?
A: All radiation-producing equipment must be installed by the vendor; otherwise the warranty will be void.

Q: I know how to create a requisition to purchase equipment but how can I make sure it gets EHS approval?
A: When submitting your requisition, you will notice a check box in the optional section in ConnectCarolina that will allow you to choose the type of item. When the box is checked, the document is automatically forwarded to EHS for approval.

Related Requirements

External Regulations and Consequences

The Electronic Product Radiation Control Provisions of the FDA.

University Policies, Standards, and Procedures


Contact Information

Policy Contact
Subject Contact Telephone Fax E-Mail
Radiation-Producing Equipment Purchasing Services-Goods 919-962-3774 919-962-0636 purchasing_team@unc.edu
Other Contacts
Subject Contact Telephone
Use of Radiation-Producing Equipment Environmental, Health, and Safety 919-962-5507



  • October 1, 2014: Updated references to requisition, ConnectCarolina.
  • August 2, 2011
  • November 19, 2003
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