1124.1 – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Managing Payroll Suspense


On a monthly basis, departments should do the following to proactively manage the department's payroll suspense account and remove payroll suspense charges within 90 days of the charge occurring.

Forms and Instructions

Payroll Suspense reports are generated and actions initiated online in ConnectCarolina under the HR/Payroll Menu.

The "Current Suspense Charges" report found in ConnectCarolina details suspense charges by the funding department or School. This report informs users of outstanding suspense charges for the unit. Though other payroll suspense charge reports exist, users are encouraged to use the ConnectCarolina version. The report breadcrumbs are provided below.

Payroll suspense charge adjustments are initiated and modified through ConnectCarolina via the Payroll Accounting Adjustment Tool or PAAT.

An employee whose current salary funding grid has been set to payroll suspense by ConnectCarolina must be updated by initiating an electronic Personnel Action Request or ePAR to move the current source of funding from the payroll suspense chartfield to an appropriate funding source.

Uncorrected expenses left on a payroll suspense account for more than 90 days should be moved to the correct employee expense account type on a legitimate funding source.

  • Current Suspense Charges Report
  • ConnectCarolina >Main Menu >HR/Payroll Menu > Payroll Acct Adj. Tool (PAAT) > Current Suspense Charges.
  • Payroll Accounting Adjustment Tool
  • ConnectCarolina >Main Menu >HR/Payroll Menu > Payroll Acct Adj. Tool (PAAT) > Enter PAAT Transaction
  • ePAR Home Page
  • ConnectCarolina >Main Menu >HR/Payroll Menu > Department Self Service > ePAR
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