Adams School of Dentistry: Lunch-and-Learn Policy

I. Introduction

A. Purpose

The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that educational events meet the Adams School of Dentistry's (ASOD) pedagogical and professional standards.

B. Scope of Applicability

This Policy applies to all Adams School of Dentistry Students and Residents.

II. Policy

All presenters must be hosted by a faculty member from an appropriate department. All Lunch-and-Learns involving participation by a vendor must comply with the ASOD's Vendor Relations Policy.

A. General

If a company or individual contacts a student to arrange a lunch-and-learn session, the student should forward a contact name to the ASOD Office of Academic Affairs. Academic Affairs will refer the proposed presenter to the appropriate division or other unit as applicable. The division chair will then make a determination as to whether or not they would like to host the presenter. Hosting a presenter means the chair or their designee will attend the lunch-and-learn in order to facilitate a scholarly discussion. The division or other appropriate group will work with the presenter and the Office for Academic Affairs to coordinate a date and location for the visit.

B. Advanced Dental Education

Lunch-and-learn activities for Advanced Education Programs are determined by the individual programs.

C. Student Organizations

If a student organization plans to host a presenter for a lunch-and-learn for its members, the organization’s faculty adviser (or another faculty member) must be present to host the event. If the lunch-and-learn is for the entire ASOD community, but hosted by a specific student organization, then the general lunch-and-learn policy protocol is followed.

III. Related Requirements

A. External Regulations and Consequences

B. Unit Policies, Standards, and Procedures

IV. Contact Information

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