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Adams School of Dentistry: Policy and Procedure on Public Information Displays

The purpose of this document is to set forth a consistent and aesthetic means of communicating to visitors the locations, dates, and times of special events, continuing education courses, etc. ... events, continuing education courses, etc. B. Scope of Applicability This Policy applies to all UNC Adams School of Dentistry departments, units, and personnel, as well as visitors from external

Adams School of Dentistry: Policy and Procedure Following Death of Personnel

, keys) C. Memorials / Gatherings 1. Active Student, Resident, Staff, or Faculty Member The Office of the Dean will schedule a school-wide grieving session as soon as possible

School of Nursing: Policy on Administrative Reviews

Administrators play an important role in facilitating the work of others and their capacity to contribute to the School’s missions. They are expected to serve as leaders who bare accountability for ... successes, recommended improvements, and open or closed-ended items added by the administrator for the purpose of gathering information to guide priorities, launch new initiatives, or gain feedback on a

Pit, Solicitation Table, and Off-Site Reservations Carolina Union

Only student organizations and University departments may reserve the Pit. There are three sections of the Pit. Each can be reserved 10am - 2pm and 3pm up to 10pm on weekdays. For weekend reservations please contact the Office of Event Services for available times. ... campus events and can take place in open areas; that are not covered by an overhang; or that can reasonably be expected to be reached by rain. Chalking is not permitted on building surfaces

Facilities Use Policy

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ("University") is a campus community in which the ideals of freedom of inquiry, thought, and expression are respected and sustained. The University is ... Major Events Policy. The Major Events Policy and related forms for student group events may be obtained at the Carolina Union. To the extent that appropriate space is available and subject to

307 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Cash Advance

Cash advances are necessary for efficiency or because they are the only means acceptable to the payment requirements of the service rendered. This policy explains how to obtain the necessary funds to meet payment requirements, appropriate use and settlement of such cash advance funds. ... 300---Cash-Deposits-and-Petty-Cash ... . Department purchase of event tickets, such as athletic events, performing arts or other University events, from any source. Travel reimbursements, such as airline tickets, hotel accommodations, and

721.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Processing NC Sales Taxes on Admission Charges

Finance-Policy-and-Procedures-Manual ... following: Department name, address, and Sales Tax Account ID Line 1 - Gross Receipts Total (for admission charges for entertainment events) Line 4 - General State Rate (total taxable receipts

Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 04.18: Fire Safety - Policy on Fire Protection System Impairments

is impaired or taken out of service due to construction, alteration, malfunction, a special event, or an emergency condition. ... Appendix A - Special EventAssembly Fire Safety Permit.pdf ... EHS---Environment-Health-and-Safety-Manual ... , alteration, malfunction, a special event, or an emergency condition. Definitions Fire protection system: Approved devices, equipment and systems or combinations of systems used to detect a fire

Meditation Room Carolina Union

fire code limitations. The space cannot be reserved by individual students or student groups for private events or occasions. The Meditation Room's purpose is stress reduction. As such, it is available for quiet contemplation, meditation, reflection, or prayer. ... . Multiple individuals and groups may use the space at the same time, subject to fire code limitations. The space cannot be reserved by individual students or student groups for private events or

Career Transition Counseling Services

Career transition counseling services are offered to all permanent SHRA and EHRA non-faculty employees whose employment is ended due to budget reduction/loss of funds excluding those separated due to the exercise of a funding contingency. ... are trying to reach. Milestone 5: Gather Marketplace Information With your target market defined, you need to begin gathering information about your marketplace in order to identify

General Purpose Classrooms Carolina Union

Event Services. Open to the public - If the reservation is open to members outside of the reserving organization it is deemed as open to the public. Members only - If the reservation is only open

Policy for Students Requesting to Use 4th Floor Hanes Hall Interview Rooms

by email with instructions sent to students regarding 4th floor check-in protocol. In the event of adverse weather closure - reservations will be canceled. In the event that UCS has to return

Lounges Carolina Union

(3008), Bridge Lounge (3514) and all lounges in the 3500 hallway. Exits and entrances to the above lounges (excepting exterior doors) must remain open. The Class of 2000 Lounge and Art Gallery are

1501.2 - Procedure on Travel Advances

Finance-Policy-and-Procedures-Manual ... affiliates, and guests). Procedure The University outlines several methods of payment for authorized travel expenditures prior to the event: Travel & Expense (T&E) Card, Purchasing Card (P-Card), and

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 2401: Research Subject to US Department of Energy Regulations

When following Department of Energy (DOE) regulations, the IRB reviews and approves the ““DOE Institutional Review Board Template for Reviewing Human Subjects Research Protocols that Utilize ... days) report the following to the human subject research program manager: Any significant adverse events, unanticipated risks, and complaints about the research, with a description of any