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1265.1 - Procedure for Requisitioning Ethyl Alcohol

finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... responsibility for its safekeeping. Related Requirements University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Finance Policy 1265 - Policy on Ethyl Alcohol Regulations​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ History Revised: August 2, 2010 February 4, 2004 May 16, 2019

701 - Encumbrances Policy

finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... Title The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Policy 701- Policy on Encumbrances Introduction Purpose Encumbrances provide an effective method of tracking commitments

708.2 - Procedure for Paying an Independent Contractor

The purpose of this document is to describe the procedure on paying an Independent Contractor. ... finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... Procedures Finance Policy 708 - Policy on Independent Contractor Finance Procedure 708.1 - Procedure for Independent Contractor Predetermination Process Finance Form 708.1.1f - Employee

708.3 - Procedure for Requesting and Paying a Speaker

finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Finance Form 708.3.1f - Speaker Checklist Finance Form 708.1.1f - Employee/Independent Contractor Determination Checklist Finance Policy 708

1269.1 - Establishing and Paying for Mobile Device Stipend Procedure

finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... the employee, PID, and the effective date of the termination of the stipend. Related Requirements University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Finance Policy 1269 - Mobile Device Stipend

Lactation Policy

This policy provides guidelines that will assist in the development of work/life balance initiatives to support the wellness and health of employees. This policy is in compliance with The Patient ... university-policy ... , and Procedures Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct Including Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment, Sexual Violence, Interpersonal Violence and Stalking

Energy Policy

university-policy ... Energy Policy Act of 1992 American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment University Policies, Standards, and Procedures UNC Design and Construction Standards The University

Procedure on Reporting Automobile Accidents

university-procedure ... provide the driver or campus department with any further instructions that may be needed. Related Requirements University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Policy on Insurance for

Departmental Recognition Policy

It is the policy of UNC-Chapel Hill to promote programs that enhance employee morale by motivating employee initiative and excellence. Departments are encouraged to develop programs that recognize ... university-policy ... State Funds for Recognition of Individuals University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Finance Policy 1123 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Taxation of Employees

Procedures for Adjudication & Response to Student & Student Organization Violations of the UNC-Chapel Hill Alcohol Policy

This Procedure strives to promote an educational campus environment that encourages healthy choices and behaviors, fosters academic and personal success, supports Student retention, and promotes the ... university-procedure ... Policies, Standards, and Procedures University Alcohol Policy and Standard on Serving Alcohol at University-Sponsored Events or on University Premises Policies and Procedures Under the Family

School of Medicine, Department of Health Sciences: Policy and Procedure on Clinical External Professional Activities for Pay

professional activities for pay, and to outline applicable parameters. This Policy is not intended to create an entitlement to perform clinical external professional activities. ... unit-policy ... .  The intent is that this Policy be consistent with School of Medicine and UNC-Chapel Hill policies and procedures that govern other faculty professional endeavors involving external professional

711.1 - Procedure on Returning Merchandise to Vendors

Returns of materials or equipment acquired with a purchase order require authorization from the vendor and documentation in the purchase order system to receive credit for the return. Returns of ... finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... Procedures Finance Policy 711 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Return of Merchandise to Vendors Contact Information Questions about Purchasing Contact: ePro

Onyen Policy

The Onyen ("Only Name You'll Ever Need") is a unique identifier given to everyone affiliated with the University. The Onyen gives each person secure access to electronic resources and proves their identity if they follow this policy. ... university-policy ... -Chapel Hill.  Violating this policy also carries the risk of civil or criminal penalties.  University Policies, Standards, and Procedures UNC-Chapel Hill Onyen Services Passwords, Pass

708 - Independent Contractor Policy

finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... Questions: Withholding for Personal Services Performed in N.C. by Nonresidents University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Finance Procedure 708.1 - Procedure for Independent Contractor

1501.7 - Procedure on Travel Expenses and Reimbursements

This procedure outlines reconciliation and post-payment of applicable travel expenses for pre-approved University business travel. ... finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... Management Budget Manual - Section 5: Travel Policies University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Finance Policy 1501 - Policy on Business Travel Finance Form 1252.3.1f - Missing Receipt