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1501.7 - Procedure on Travel Expenses and Reimbursements

otherwise unavailable, travelers must submit Finance Form 1252.3.1f - Missing Receipt Affidavit Form for all expenses exceeding $20. Missing Receipt Forms will be accepted for all expense types except Airfare

903.2 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Budgeting for Fringe Benefits

Procedure Statement Fringe Benefits must be included on budget revisions when transferring budget from a non-personnel account to a personnel account. Forms and Instructions A Budget

Procedure for Vacating/Moving Laboratory Space

Safety Clearance Form.pdf ... radioactive material (Geiger counter survey and wipe test survey). The Safety Clearance Form (Appendix F) is to be used for rooms/equipment that contained radioactive material, have been

602.2 - Procedure for Purchasing and Trading in of Capital Equipment

should remove the University Asset Management decals from the equipment and affix the decals to Finance Form 603.5.1f - Capital Equipment Relocation Form. This form notifies Asset of the transaction so

Office of Sponsored Programs - 200.05 - Departmental Administrator Responsibilities

. Preparation & Submission to OSP of Proper Forms for All Revisions DAs ensure that changes in project status, such as financial revisions or requests, personnel effort, and any other requests are

Laboratory Safety Manual - Chapter 13: Safe Handling of Peroxidizable Compounds

This chapter describes the hazards associated with peroxide formation in chemical compounds, methods to detect peroxides, safe handling, use, and storage of peroxidizable compounds, and how to remove peroxide contamination from chemicals. ... : Substances for which peroxide formation can initiate explosive polymerization of monomeric forms. Peroxide accumulation is a balance between the rate of peroxide formation and the rate of

UNC Police: General Order 02-03R4 - Planning and Research

Department Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel References/Forms UNC-CH Police Department General Order 02-08 The General Orders System Procedures I. Organization and Function The Chief of

Radiation Safety Manual - Chapter 05: Radiation Source Inventory

Appendix D - Authorized User’s Radioactive Materials Inventory Record Form v 04-30-1999.docx ... is provided to record all transfers of the specific radionuclide. These forms must be readily available for review by EHS personnel. Monthly Radioactive Materials Inventory Report A Monthly

Radiation Safety Manual - Chapter 02: Radiation Source Authorization and Radiation Worker Registration

Registration Form is to be completed and submitted to EHS. The Radiation Safety Office will review the registration form and schedule necessary training sessions. EHS is to be informed of all changes

Procedure for Compliance with NCAA Policy on Campus Sexual Violence

complete a Student-Athlete Attestation Form, disclosing any conduct that resulted in discipline through a University proceeding or in a criminal conviction for sexual, interpersonal, or other acts of

Laboratory Safety Manual - Chapter 09: Controlled Substances

acquisition, storage, security, inventory/recordkeeping, disposal, and importing or exporting, detailed in this chapter. The appendices include a current list of controlled substances and forms for inventory support and personnel screening. ... . The appendices include a current list of controlled substances and forms for inventory support and personnel screening. Table of Contents Introduction Controlled Substance Requirements

1291.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Routing Requests for Special Tuition Rates for Non-Resident Students

fellowships or assistantships: the Graduate School. Forms and Instructions Departmental Staff should enter Tuition Remission and In-state Awards for the semester in the GradStar system no

1226.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure for Creating a Requisition

criteria established by the head of the relevant University department. Forms and Instructions From the Finance menu in ConnectCarolina, the document creator will choose "eProcurement" from

Supplemental Pay for EHRA Employees

This policy establishes specific procedures for supplemental pay, in the form of either overload or a salary supplement, for EHRA employees. Salary supplements and overload are intended to address ... to SHRA employees. University Forms EHRA Overload Pay Request Form Faculty & Non-Faculty Salary Adjustment/Supplemental Form (aka “Rainbow Form“) Contact Information For

707 - Policy on NC Income Tax Withholding Requirement for Non-Wage Compensation Paid to Nonresidents

Questions Q: How do I get a refund of tax withheld from my Independent Contractor payment? A: You will have to file a North Carolina State Tax Form D400. Q: Do I receive a W-2 showing how much tax