Radiation Safety Manual - Chapter 05: Radiation Source Inventory


Radiation Safety Manual - Chapter 05: Radiation Source Inventory

Table of Contents

  1. Record-Keeping Requirements
    1. Inventory Control Numbers
    2. Authorized User’s Radioactive Materials Inventory Record Form
    3. Monthly Radioactive Materials Inventory Report

Record-Keeping Requirements

The University is required to maintain accurate, timely records of the receipt, use, transfer and disposal of radiation sources in its possession. Authorized Users have this same responsibility for their sources. These records must be maintained by the Authorized User for at least three (3) years and be readily available for periodic review by EHS and/or regulatory personnel.

Inventory Control Numbers

The Inventory Control Number is an eight-digit number assigned to each radioactive item/vial logged in through EHS. This number is physically attached to each radioactive source vial. The first four digits, to begin with 0001 each year, will run serially in the sequence in which shipments are logged in during the year. The second four digits are to indicate the month and year the item is processed, e.g., the second four digits of shipments logged-in during September 1999 would be "0999". The Inventory Control Number provides a unique means for identifying each item in a shipment. The Inventory Control Number must remain attached to the source vial until all the material is used or disposed of. Aliquots removed from a source vial must also be labeled with the related Inventory Control Number.

Authorized User's Radioactive Materials Inventory Record Form

A copy of the Authorized User’s Radioactive Materials Inventory Record Form, Appendix D (see attached document, below), will be provided with each vial of radioactive material delivered to an Authorized User by EHS. An Inventory Control Number will be listed on the Appendix D and will be used to identify each item on the Monthly Radioactive Materials Inventory report described below. Appendix D is provided to record all transfers of the specific radionuclide. These forms must be readily available for review by EHS personnel.

Monthly Radioactive Materials Inventory Report

A Monthly Radioactive Materials Inventory report is required by EHS each month so that the total activities of all licensed radionuclides for the University can be compiled as required by the terms of the University’s Radioactive Materials License. The first week of each month, EHS sends an email reminder to all Authorized Users to log into the Online Radioactive Materials Inventory to update their monthly inventory. The Authorized User is to update the inventory by filling in the quantity of radionuclides transferred (to or from other persons) during the previous month, the quantity disposed of to the sewer, the quantity of waste transferred to EHS, and the quantity of radioactive materials on hand at the end of the inventory report period. Upon completion of the inventory update, the Authorized User will print out the report and place in his radiation safety records. EHS will reconcile all Authorized User inventories. The inventory update must be completed, printed, and filed by the lab by the 15th of the month. Requisitions for radioactive materials will be held and not processed if the inventory is not kept up-to-date and reported by the prescribed time.

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