School of Medicine Nephropathology Laboratory: Safety Training Policy


School of Medicine Nephropathology Laboratory: Safety Training Policy

I. Purpose

Safety training required by the UNC Nephropathology Laboratory is offered through online study programs available to University and Hospital employees involved with clinical and/or non-clinical (research) activities. These programs offer information about safe working practices and provide an orientation to University and Hospital policies, and state and federal regulations. Safety training will be offered to employees based upon job duties and will be conducted by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) Environment, Health, and Safety Office (EHS) and UNC Hospitals McLendon Clinical Laboratories.

II. Responsibility

Laboratory safety is the responsibility of all employees and is shared with the principal investigator, laboratory director, laboratory supervisor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, EHS, and McLendon Clinical Laboratories Departmental Safety Coordinator and Quality Management (QM) Safety Team members. Employees must be responsible for their own safety training by attending safety orientations, training sessions, and by completing annual safety training updates when offered.

III. Record Keeping

Record keeping and tracking of safety training is the responsibility of EHS and McLendon Clinical Laboratories Departmental Safety Coordinator. In addition, the UNC Nephropathology Laboratory supervisor will keep a log of annual training for employees and give reminders to employees as needed.

IV. Vaccines

Nephropathology employees must follow the vaccine requirements established by the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic (UEOHC). Please refer to the UEOHC "Immunization and TB Surveillance Requirements for Health Care Personnel" webpage for more information.

V. Required Training

The UNC Nephropathology Laboratory Safety Plan outlines necessary training requirements for new and current employees. There are additional safety training requirements for University employees performing clinical testing and analysis under the McLendon Clinical Laboratories CLIA number. These employees are required to attend safety training through McLendon Clinical Laboratories in addition to University training. This is necessary to remain in compliance with the College of American Pathologist (CAP) standards. This information is outlined in more detail in the UNC Nephropathology Laboratory Safety Plan.

The following table shows the breakdown of training that every new Division of Nephropathology employee must partake in and at what intervals:

Training Requirements
  Clinic Office Research Once (O) / Yearly (Y)
Tuberculosis Y
Bloodborne Pathogens   Y
Global Harmonization System (GHS) O
Title IX O
Respiratory Protection for Tuberculosis   Y
Formaldehyde   Y
Chemical Fume Hoods   O
Laboratory Hazardous Waste Management   O
Shipping of Infectious Substances   ✓ (?) O
Dry Ice Shipping   ✓ (?) O
Autoclave Usage and Safety ✓ (?)   O
BSL2   O
Dual Use Research of Concern     O
Lab Worker   O
Employee Orientation O
Lab Safety Plan   Y
Fire Extinguisher O
Annual PPD (for TB)   Y
Immunization Review O
Lab Safety Tour O
Glove 101   O
Ergonomics O
Conflict of Interest     O (?)
Lab Safety Manual   Y

For GHS training, please see the "HazCom 2012 Global Harmonization System" training module on the EHS website.

*Safety Training and Medical Surveillance Requirements

UNC Chapel Hill Environment, Health and Safety

Nephropathology employees must follow the safety training and medical surveillance requirements established by EHS. Please refer to the EHS "Safety Training and Medical Surveillance Requirements" webpage for more information.


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