Carolina Union: Performance and Rehearsal Space Reservation Policy


Carolina Union: Performance and Rehearsal Space Reservation Policy



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Policy Statement

All performance spaces scheduled by the Office of Event Services are subject to all general policies for use of space in the Frank Porter Graham Student Union as well as the UNC-CH Facilities Use Policy.

General Information

  • Clients should submit a reservation request 45 days prior to the requested event date as all events must be confirmed 30 days in advance
  • The Carolina Union requires Guest Services staff for all programs in its performance spaces to provide oversight and ensure safe use. Based on information provided by the client, UNC-CH Police, and previous history of such events, the staff of the Carolina Union will determine the extent of Guest Services staff and security coverage for the event. Depending on the nature of the event, the Carolina Union may also require Tech staff be present for the event.
  • For all above, see our Pricing. Estimates will be provided to clients.
  • A client representative will be required to be in attendance at least one hour before the event start time and to ensure compliance with policies governing the performance space.
  • Late Night Parties are subject to the Late Night Party policy; the rules and regulations therein may override those listed here.
  • All events charging admission must obtain ticketing services through the Carolina Union Box Office. Box Office staffing is required for any event in the Union that is charging admission and any event in the Stone Center that is charging admission and/or collecting money on site.
  • No event may be announced or publicized until the reservation is confirmed and approved.
  • All requests start in hold status. Events must be confirmed by the client and approved by the Office of Event Services no later than 30 days prior to the event date or the event will be canceled.
  • Waitlist Policy: When a client requests a space that is unavailable, they can have their request booked with a waitlist status. If a space becomes available, the waitlisted client will be notified via email to inquire if they are still interested in use of this space. The client will be required to confirm this reservation and seek all required approvals within two business days. Equipment (tables, chairs, podiums etc.) as well as Production Services and Box Office support may not be available for these events.
  • Please review our inclement weather and cancellation policies.
Rehearsal Space
  • The Rehearsal Space (Room 1306) is a medium-sized space on the first floor of the Union. The room has mirrors on one wall and a dance floor. The room is available Monday through Friday from 8am - 12pm is for drop-in use, and may not be reserved. Reservations outside of the drop-in time are available through the Office of Event Services.
  • Group Use of Drop-in Time: Individuals or student organizations may use the drop-in time to choreograph or practice on an as-needed basis. Individuals or student organizations that choose to utilize the space during assigned drop-in time must share the space with all other users whether they are individuals or student organizations. Individuals or student organizations that use drop-in time for practice or choreography should be considerate of all other users by sharing the space and staying clear of the entry. Conflicts using the Rehearsal Space, including choice of music, should be resolved between groups.
  • Music During Drop-in Time: If multiple student organizations or individuals show up during assigned drop-in at any one time, they must all share the space including an agreed choice of music (if any).
Great Hall
  • The Great Hall is a large, multi-use room located on the main floor of the Union. The room contains a stage with stage lighting, and a video projection system.
  • General Considerations: Due to high demand for space, each client is limited to one weekend day (5pm Friday – 11pm Sunday) per semester, with a total of 10 days per semester (9 weekdays and 1 weekend day). If the Great Hall is available thirty days prior to a date, clients are given the first opportunity to reserve the hall for an additional weekend day.
Union Auditorium
  • The Union Auditorium is a fixed-seat auditorium which primarily functions as a lecture hall and movie theater. The room contains a stage with audio, video, and minimal lighting.
  • General Considerations: The Union Auditorium may be booked 10 days per semester. The Union Auditorium is generally not available on Friday and Saturday nights during the semester due to the CUAB film series.
Other Campus Auditoria / Auditoriums
  • Carroll 111, Hamilton 100, Hanes Art Center, Genome G10
  • Carroll 111, Hamilton 100, Hanes Art Center Auditorium 121, Howell 104, Manning 209

Clients are limited to ten event/performance weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) reservations - regardless of which spaces are used - per semester. 

These reservations may be made during the reservation period (see General Policies). 

If your meeting is scheduled in Hamilton 100, Hanes 121 or Howell 104, the Office of Event Services will provide a Technician upon request to move the Tech Podium in these rooms at no cost. Requests must be made 30 days in advance. Clients may not move these items themselves. All classrooms are under video surveillance.

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Contact Information

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Carolina Union Guest Services
 (919) 962-2285

Hearing Impaired
 T-711 (NC Relay)

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