School of Nursing: Policy and Process for Adjunct Appointments (APR)

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School of Nursing: Policy and Process for Adjunct Appointments (APR)



The purpose of this policy is to guide the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing (SON) and the Appointment, Promotion and Reappointment (APR) Committee in the review of adjunct faculty.


This policy applies to the appointment and reappointment of SON adjunct faculty.


Policy Statement

Adjunct faculty are valued collaborators who enrich the educational experiences of students and add value to the work of the SON. Adjunct status is conferred in recognition of voluntary and sustained professional contributions to the mission of the School. Adjunct status is appropriate for individuals who are furthering the work of the School through engagement in teaching, research, service, supervising clinical activities, or other scholarly endeavors. Adjunct status does not preclude the candidate from assuming other paid or unpaid roles at the School of Nursing or University. Adjunct status is not appropriate for retired faculty who hold emeriti status or individuals making short-term or occasional contributions to the SON.

Appointments may be made at the level of adjunct professor, adjunct associate professor, adjunct assistant professor, and adjunct instructor. The assigned appropriate rank should be determined by applying criteria for SON permanent fixed-term faculty as stated in existing APR policies (for guidance on rank assignment, see the SON: Standard on Appointment and Promotion (APR) for Fixed-Term Faculty, and the associated grid "Specific Examples of Evidence to Support Appointments and Promotions."

The rank is recommended by the division head, reviewed and voted on by APR, and approved by the dean.

Appointment Process

  1. In conjunction with a sponsoring faculty member, a candidate seeking an adjunct faculty appointment (whether new appointment or renewal) should submit their information using the attached form.
  2. Annual application deadlines are determined by the APR chair and assigned administrative support.
  3. The division head recommends the rank and, if renewal, the length of term. Initial appointments are for one year, and renewals may be for terms of 1–5 years.
Review of Adjunct Candidate by APR
  1. Prior to the scheduled adjunct review meetings in fall and spring semesters, the assigned administrative support person sends a notice with the list of candidates and their applications to APR committee members with instructions to review the materials.
  2. If an APR member has an objection to any candidate, they must notify the chair of the APR committee at least two (2) business days before the APR committee meeting. Candidates for whom no objections were raised are voted on en masse. Candidates for whom objections were raised are discussed and voted on separately. The APR committee will review and recommend the rank.
  3. The recommendations approved by the APR committee are forwarded to SON Human Resources. SON Human Resources sends the confirmed recommendations for adjunct appointment to the dean for final approval.
  4. Those approved by the dean for adjunct faculty status will be coded in the HR system in a 'Contingent Worker' status. They will not be considered employees and will only require a Credentials Check and a Criminal Background Check. An I-9 will not be completed.
  5. Following required clearance (see #4 above), the letters for those approved by the dean for adjunct faculty status are prepared by the assigned administrative support person and sent to the division head for signature and returned.
  6. The assigned administrative support person sends each approved faculty adjunct candidate an appointment letter to sign and return. The assigned administrative support person monitors the return of the letters and enters adjunct faculty in the database, informs the sponsoring faculty member, and ensures the SON Faculty Directory is updated.
Appeal Process for Adjunct Candidate by APR
  1. If an adjunct faculty member desires to review any portion of their portfolio, or has a question about the outcome of their portfolio evaluation, they should contact the SON Human Resources Office, who will connect them with the APR chair to review the portfolio.

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Theresa Raphael Grimm, APR Chair

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