UNC Police: General Order 11-14R3 - Jurisdiction Maps


UNC Police: General Order 11-14R3 - Jurisdiction Maps

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Subject Jurisdiction Maps
Date September 28, 2020
Number 11-14R3
Amends None
Supersedes 11-14R2
Approved by Brian L. James, Chief of Police
CALEA Standards 81.2.6 Calls for Service Information Victim/Witness Calls
CALEA Communications Standard 6.2.1 Immediate Access to Communication Center Resources, 6.2.2 Immediate Access to Client Agency Resources & 6.2.3 Immediately Available Procedures


This General Order (G.O.) ensures the immediate availability of a jurisdictional map for University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) Police Department on-duty telecommunicators. Several maps are available electronically.


The UNC-CH Communications Center maintains a full-size territorial jurisdictional map.

Units Affected

UNC-CH Police Department Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel.


  • North Carolina General Statute §116-40 Campus Law Enforcement Agency
  • UNC-CH Police Department Emergency Contact Form
  • UNC-CH Police Department General Order 01-04 Agency Jurisdiction

Definitions and Descriptions

CAD: Computer-Aided Dispatch System.

Subject Matter Jurisdiction: All offenses against federal law or state law, local ordinances or University policies which are committed within the UNC-CH Police Department's territorial jurisdiction.

Territorial Jurisdiction: That geographical area in which a UNC-CH Police officer may legally exercise those powers vested in their office.


I. Availability of Jurisdictional Maps

  1. The UNC-CH Communications Center has a large map posted showing main campus locations that UNC-CH Police Department has territorial jurisdiction.
    1. Maps are located electronically within the department’s Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) System and are utilized by a UNC-CH telecommunicators.


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