UNC Police: General Order 08-06R2 - Investigative Task Forces


UNC Police: General Order 08-06R2 - Investigative Task Forces

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Subject Investigative Task Forces
Date August 27, 2020
Number 08-06R2
Amends None
Supersedes 08-06R1
Approved by Brian L. James, Chief of Police
CALEA Standards 1.2.3 Compliance with Constitutional, 1.2.4 Search and Seizure, 1.2.5 Arrest With/Without Warrant, 42.2.4 Investigative Task Force, 43.1.1 Compliant Management, 43.1.3 Confidential Funds, 46.2.8 Event Deconfliction & 54.1.3 Media Access


To provide guidelines for the establishment of multi-agency task forces.


Task forces may be developed with agencies having concurrent or adjoining jurisdictions to investigate specified crimes or criminal activities that present a threat to the University community.

Units Affected

UNC-CH Police Department Sworn Personnel

Definitions and Descriptions

Task Forces: Designed to target a particular crime activity, often in a particular geographical area, that can be made of up law enforcement officers from local, state and federal agencies.


  1. Upon the development of a task force a "Memorandum of Understanding" is drawn up between the participating agencies that outlines the procedures and conditions of the operation containing the following:
    1. Situation: reason for the development of the task force.
    2. Mission: statement containing the goals of the task force.
    3. Operations to include:
      1. The stages of the operation.
      2. Establishment of command, supervision, and control of the operation to include officer safety information.
      3. Identification of required resources, staffing, and equipment.
      4. Guidelines for the following:
        1. Gathering intelligence, keeping records, and using informants and surveillance;
        2. Handling of funds;
        3. Raids, searches, and group arrests;
        4. Dissemination of information to other Law Enforcement operations agencies;
        5. Media information;
        6. Control of forfeitures (if any);
        7. Investigation of complaints against officers; and
        8. Identification procedures for task force participants.
    4. Signatures of the heads of the participating agencies.
  2. The continued necessity of a task force is based on the ongoing evaluation of the operation by the participating agencies. Upon the termination of a task force the following occurs:
    1. A written analysis of the operation is prepared to include:
      1. Arrests, convictions, seizures, forfeitures, sentences, informant use, and funds expended;
      2. Problems encountered during the operation and solutions applied; and
      3. Successes and lessons learned from the operation.
    2. An audit of all accounts by an independent certified public accountant.
    3. Press release and/or press conference.
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