UNC Police: General Order 02-03R4 - Planning and Research


UNC Police: General Order 02-03R4 - Planning and Research

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Subject Planning and Research
Date July 6, 2020
Number 02-03R4
Amends December 22, 2016
Supersedes 02-03R3
Approved by Brian L. James, Chief of Police
CALEA Standards 15.1.1 Activities of Planning and Research & 15.1.2 Organizational Placement/Planning and Research
CALEA Communications Standard 1.2.7 Organizational Placement of Planning and Research & 1.2.8 Analytical Reports Distributed


The purpose of this general order (G.O.) is to explain how department planning and research functions are performed and to assign responsibilities.


It is the policy of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Police Department (UNC-CH Police Department) to provide effective agency management through various planning and research activities. The UNC-CH Police Department works closely with the University administration to meet the needs of the community it serves.

Units Affected

UNC-CH Police Department Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel


  • UNC-CH Police Department General Order 02-08 The General Orders System


I. Organization and Function

  1. The Chief of Police serves as the head of planning and research function. Duties of the planning and research function include:
    1. Development and evaluation of policy and procedures;
    2. Grant management;
    3. Budget preparation;
    4. Dissemination of analytical reports;
    5. Personnel allocation analysis;
    6. Personnel distribution analysis; and
    7. Evaluation of goals and objectives.
  2. Department personnel assist with the planning and research functions as assigned by the Chief of Police and as described below.

II. Departmental Responsibilities

Additional planning and research functions is conducted by other divisions/sections within the department. Personnel engaged in planning and research have direct accessibility to the Chief of Police in order to provide smooth operation of the function. Procedures for conducting these activities are outlined by specific G.O.’s. Examples of such additional functions include:

  1. Incident based reporting: records manager and criminal investigations division;
  2. Directed patrol projects: patrol services division;
  3. Traffic accident/enforcement analysis: patrol services division;
  4. Information management systems analysis: computer support services;
  5. Forms control: patrol services, support services, and administrative services division commanders;
  6. Operational planning: patrol services division;
  7. Crime prevention/crime analysis: community services section/computer support services;
  8. Victim/witness analysis: investigations and community services sections; and
  9. Fiscal Management: fiscal/human resources services.

III. Information Resources

  1. Personnel involved in the planning process are assigned to specific research based upon their expertise and resource availability. Such proximity enhances the planner’s ability to collect data and make recommendations.
  2. Any analytical reports that are produced as a result of the planning and research function are disseminated to the affected organizational divisions/sections.
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