UNC Police: General Order 00-03R4 - Mission, Vision, and Core Values


UNC Police: General Order 00-03R4 - Mission, Vision, and Core Values

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Subject Mission, Vision, and Core Values
Date July 6, 2020
Number 00-03R4
Amends None
Supersedes 00-03R3
Approved by Brian L. James, Chief of Police
CALEA Standards 12.2.1 The Written Directive System
CALEA Communications Standard 2.2.1 Organizational Values


The purpose of this policy is to establish the values and mission of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Police Department (UNC-CH Police Department).


It is the policy of the UNC-CH Police Department employees to abide by the mission, vision, and core values that have been established in order to support the overall mission of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).

Units Affected

UNC-CH Police Department Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel


I. Mission Statement

The UNC-CH Police Department supports the University’s core mission of teaching, research, and public service by developing partnerships within the University community that encourage problem-solving and communication in order to identify and address public safety needs with professionalism and integrity, while providing outstanding customer service and protecting North Carolina’s future.

II. Vision

  1. The UNC-CH Police Department is committed to be the leading community-oriented law enforcement agency in the United States.
  2. We are recognized as leaders in our profession by providing quality, customer focused, problem-solving services in partnership with the diverse community, we serve.
  3. Through open and honest communications both internally and externally, we foster a work environment that respects and values our department members and encourages individuals within the organization to contribute to an overall team atmosphere supporting department excellence.
  4. We strive to be an organization that treats all of our customers with dignity. We accomplish this by being the model of professionalism with every interaction we have whether we are providing 911 communications, police, security, and all other related services.
  5. Excellence in all professional endeavors is our desire. By maintaining our ethics, communicating effectively and striving to be the best in all that we do, we realize our vision.

III. Core Values

A. Employees

The employees of the UNC-CH Police Department are the department’s most valuable assets and they are empowered to develop creative solutions to University problems. We respect the contributions of each member of the UNC-CH Police Department and prosper when we promote the development of our people. We are proud of who we are, of UNC-CH Police Department’s achievements, and of the University we represent.

B. Customer Service

We are committed to continually enhancing the level of service provided to the university community. We recruit and develop employees, who are committed to customer service, view the public as our most valuable asset, and are accountable to the University community by providing excellent service.

C. Problem-Solving

We aggressively identify problems by being active members of the University community. We utilize sound problem-solving techniques to solve problems, while keeping the University’s best interest in mind. When presented with complex problems we seek innovative solutions.

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