UNC Police: General Order 00-00R2 - Foreword to General Orders


UNC Police: General Order 00-00R2 - Foreword to General Orders

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Subject Foreword to General Orders
Date August 18, 2020
Number 00-00R2
Amends None
Supersedes 00-00R1
Approved by Brian L. James, Chief of Police
CALEA Standards 12.1.1 CEO Authority and Responsibility, 12.2.1 The Written Directive
CALEA Communications Standards 1.1.5 Authority and Responsibility, 2.1.1 Authority of
CEO & Written Directive System


The general policies and philosophies of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Police Department (UNC-CH Police Department) are embodied in the general orders (G.O.) currently used by the UNC-CH Police Department. All situations cannot be anticipated and emergencies or unusual circumstances may require a departure from the procedures and guidelines set forth in these G.O’s. Any such departure will be judged by taking into account, all surrounding circumstances with full recognition of the need for members of the UNC-CH Police Department to exercise common sense and discretion. G.O.’s must be followed without deviation, unless superseded by state statute or some specific law. Unless a rule specifies “officer”, all G.O.’s apply to all members of the UNC-CH Police Department, both sworn and non-sworn.

Any action by a member of the UNC-CH Police Department requires a decision, and inevitably some honest mistakes are made. Such honest and unintentional mistakes are expected. However, any effort to conceal or deny the same is not justified. Openly admitting a mistake, is the first step toward correcting it, learning from it, and avoiding its reoccurrence.

These G.O.’s are consistently reviewed from input provided by personnel at all levels of the UNC-CH Police Department that are aligned with national standards and best practices.

The right to modify, waive, or rescind any of the provisions of the G.O. is reserved by the Chief of Police.

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