Industrial Maintenance and Construction/Support Services Safety Manual - Working Over or Near Water


Industrial Maintenance and Construction/Support Services Safety Manual - Working Over or Near Water

(OSHA 1926.106)


Those employees who perform their job duties over or near water including but not limited to inspectors, wildlife personnel, and research personnel shall follow the minimum operation requirements designed to prevent injury or fatality from falling into the water (as required by OSHA 1926.106).


These requirements shall apply to all University employees required to perform work over or near water. The provisions of these requirements shall not remedy the department’s responsibility of compliance with applicable federal, state or local regulations.


  • Employees working over or near water, where the danger of drowning exists, must wear U.S. Coast Guard Approved life jackets or buoyant work vests.
  • Prior to and after each use, the buoyant work vests or life jackets must be inspected for defects which would alter their strength, buoyancy or fastening capability. Defective units shall not be used. Defective units must be taken out of commission and then destroyed or repaired if possible.
  • Ring buoys with at least 90 feet of line must be available for emergency rescue operations. The distance between ring buoys must not exceed 200 feet.
  • At least one properly maintained life-saving skiff must be readily available to employees working over or adjacent to water.

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