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UNC employees and contractors must be aware of potential hazards associated with accessing campus roofs, and this policy has been developed to assist in mitigating those hazards.
Those employees who perform their job duties over or near water including but not limited to inspectors, wildlife personnel, and research personnel shall follow the minimum operation requirements designed to prevent injury or fatality from falling into the water (as required by OSHA 1926.106).
The purpose of these requirements is to provide for the safe use of stairways and ladders by employees and visitors and to provide guidelines which reference the design and construction of fixed general industrial stairways (interior and exterior), portable extension ladders, stepladders, permanent/fixed ladders, and ladders used for construction.
Scaffolds shall be furnished and erected in accordance with the OSHA 1910.28 standard for employees who are engaged in work that cannot be done safely from the ground or from solid construction. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that all safe work practices are followed when erecting, altering, working on, and dismantling scaffolds. It is the intent of the University to provide maximum protection to all employees by the issuance of these requirements.