Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 04.15: Fire Safety - Holiday Decorations


Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 04.15: Fire Safety - Holiday Decorations


Christmas trees are permitted in University Buildings for the holidays. While the trees are delightful sights and cheerful reminders of the holidays, they can also be fire hazards. The following precautions are to be observed to minimize hazards.

  • Types of trees permitted:
    • Artificial trees having the UL or Underwriters Laboratories Label.
    • Live trees composed of a root ball wrapped in burlap.
    • Cut trees sprayed with a fire retardant material. The fire retardant material is packaged in a one quart spray bottle with instructions for application.
  • Trees are not to obstruct means of egress and should not be located near a source of heat.
  • Keep tree container filled with water above cut of tree. If the tree becomes dry remove from building. Please use a stand that will not tip over.
  • Lights that are used on the trees should also be UL approved. Always unplug lights at the end of the day.
  • Christmas trees being considered for Public Assemblies will need prior approval by the UNC Fire Marshal (can be reached at 919-962-5507).
  • Christmas trees are not to be left in buildings during the holiday season when the building is not occupied. So please put the trees out by the dumpster before the Christmas holiday begins. Grounds Division will pick up the tree if you call them to do so.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. Have a happy and safe holiday.

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