Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 01.03: EHS Management System - EHS Program


Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 01.03: EHS Management System - EHS Program


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) is committed to providing a safe and healthful environment for all persons associated with the University, including faculty, staff, students, visitors, and members of the Chapel Hill community.

The University emphasizes an integrated systems approach, as well as safety education and training as the primary means of achieving this goal. The Environment, Health and Safety department is primarily responsible for environment, health and safety functions at the University, by developing EHS programs and performing various periodic inspections. Department heads, faculty members, and supervisors are considered directly re-sponsible for maintaining full compliance with State and Federal regulations and University safety policies and procedures.

Mission Statement

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) Department of Environment, Health & Safety supports the University’s core mission of teaching, re-search, and service by providing comprehensive environmental, health, and safety services to the University community. This includes education through training and consultation, maintaining a safe environment through recognizing and controlling health and safety hazards, ensuring a process of regulatory compliance, and minimizing future potential liabilities.

Values of the EHS Organization

The organization will:

  • Use time efficiently
  • Be a resource for new ideas
  • Connect to us relationally
  • Stay with us on the journey through all twists and turns
  • Establish state of the art safety and environmental protocols and procedures
  • Enable us to be all we can be

Mission of the Organization

  • Provide a safe work place
  • Ensure a process of compliance
  • Minimize future potential liabilities

EHS Mottos

  • Be All You Can Be
  • Strive Towards Excellence

Compliance Services and EHS Management System

EHS compliance services make implementation of the UNC Academic Plan possible by providing regulatory compliance in the areas of biological safety, chemical safety, controlled substances, environmental permitting, export shipping controls, fire/life safety and emergency response, occupational hygiene, radiation safety, and workplace safety.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill EHS Management System

With the breadth and depth of UNC research always expanding, the process of EHS compliance management is ongoing and ever changing, requiring a robust and adaptive management system. In 2009, the department continued its emphasis upon an integrated management system for the University’s environment, health, and safety compliance programs. This effort was designed to ensure continuous improvements by incorporating a process of ongoing monitoring, reviews, and revisions of procedures and policies through the use of the Plan – Do – Check – Act (PDCA) model. Just as a circle has no end, the Plan – Do – Check – Act cycle is a four-step process model for carrying out change, cycling through each step for continuous improvement.

EHS Management System


PDCA, Integrated Management System, and UNC EHS Management System Table
PDCA Integrated Management System UNC EHS Management System
Plan Objectives
Work plans
Program development
Do Implementation and Operations Training
Lab Safety and Hazard Management Plans
Emergency response
Check Checking CLIP inspections
HMP inspections
Monthly reports
Annual reports
Performance reviews
Act Corrective and Preventive Actions Policy and procedure adoption
Strategic planning process

Contact Information

Policy Contact

Environment, Health and Safety
1120 Estes Drive
Campus Box #1650
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-1650
Phone: 919-962-5507

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