Internal Only Recruitment for SHRA Positions


Internal Only Recruitment for SHRA Positions



Departments have the option to post SHRA permanent and time-limited positions as internal only. Internal only recruitments limit applicants to current, permanent or time-limited employees of UNC-Chapel Hill or to individuals with UNC-Chapel Hill layoff priority.

Internal only recruitments may not be limited to employees of any specific unit, department or division of the University, nor may any of the positions' essential requirements indirectly infer required employment in a specific area of the University.

Scope of Applicability

The University benefits most from a recruitment strategy that hires from a broad pool of applicants from both internal and external sources; however, the Offce of Human Resources (OHR) recognizes that there are circumstances where limiting recruitment to internal only applicants is appropriate. Internal only recruitment may be used when UNC-Chapel Hill process or procedural knowledge is particularly essential and when there is a suffcient pool of qualified applicants within our internal workforce.

A suffcient pool comprises a minimum of three well-qualified applicants who are credible potential hires that are interviewed and considered for selection. The Employment Consultant reviews the internal applicant pool, and if these requirements are not met, the department will be required to cancel and repost the position, for both internal and external applicants, for the minimum five work day posting period.

Dean/Division HR Offces retain the discretion to limit the use of internal only recruitments within their area of responsibility.


Posting Requirements

Unless an exception to the posting period is approved, vacancies must be posted for a minimum of five work days from the date the vacancy is first posted. If the closing date entered falls on a weekend day or a holiday, the date must be adjusted to the nearest workday in keeping with the five work day minimum.

The maximum posting period for internal only recruitment is six months from the date of the initial posting; this maximum posting period includes initial recruitment, extensions and reposting. After this time period, the recruitment must be posted to both internal and external applicants.

HR Representatives posting an internal only recruitment must include the following statement under the Essentials section of the position recruitment:

"INTERNAL ONLY: Internal posting for permanent, time-limited and layoff priority employees of UNC-Chapel Hill only."

This statement serves as notice to both the applicants and to the Employment Consultant that we will consider only internal applicants for the posting.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Departments should ensure that internal only recruitments are compatible with their equal opportunity plan. The Employment Consultant, in cooperation with the Equal Opportunity and Compliance (EOC) Offce, may determine certain SHRA classifications as ineligible for internal only recruitments based on University-wide equal opportunity goals.

HR Representatives should consult with their Employment Consultant prior to submitting an internal only recruitment to determine whether this option is appropriate in relationship to their equal opportunity objectives.

Specific questions regarding the use of the internal only recruitment option may be directed to your Employment Consultant.

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