Internal Only Recruitment for SHRA Positions Policy


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Internal Only Recruitment for SHRA Positions



The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ("UNC-Chapel Hill" or "University") benefits most from a recruitment strategy that hires from a broad pool of applicants from both internal and external sources; however, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) recognizes that there are circumstances where limiting recruitment to internal only applicants is appropriate. This policy describes those circumstances and outlines the requirements associated with internal only recruitment. 


This policy applies to recruitment for SHRA permanent and time-limited positions.  


Policy Statement

In limited circumstances outlined in this policy, departments may choose to designate open SHRA permanent and time-limited positions as internal only recruitments. Internal only recruitments limit applicants to current, permanent employees of UNC Chapel Hill, time-limited employees of UNC Chapel Hill, individuals with UNC Chapel Hill layoff priority, or to temporary employees directly hired by the University (not temporary employees of a third-party staffing agency or contractors). 

Internal only recruitments may not be limited to employees of any specific unit, department, or division of the University, nor may any of the positions' essential requirements indirectly infer required employment in a specific area of the University. 

Criteria for Internal Only Recruitments

A department may designate an open position as an internal only recruitment when it can demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge of a specific UNC-Chapel Hill process or procedure is essential for the position; and
  2. There is a minimum of three qualified applicants within the University internal workforce.

To designate an open position as internal only recruitment, the department must make that selection when initiating the posting.

Advertising Internal Only Recruitments

Vacancies must be posted for a:

  • Minimum of five business days, unless an exception to the posting period is approved.
  • Maximum posting period for internal only recruitment is six months including initial recruitment, extensions, and reposting. After this time, the recruitment must be posted for both internal and external applicants. 

HR Representatives posting internal-only recruitments must include the following statement under the "Position Summary/Primary Purpose of Position" section of the posting: 

"INTERNAL ONLY: Internal posting for permanent, time-limited, layoff priority employees of UNC-Chapel Hill, and temporary employees hired directly by UNC-Chapel Hill only." 

This statement serves as notice to both the applicants and to the department’s assigned TAP that the department will consider only internal applicants for the posting. 

Talent Acquisition Partner (TAP) Review

The department’s assigned TAP will:

  • Review and ensure the position meets the criteria for internal only recruitment, and
  • Review the internal applicant pool and determine whether there is a minimum of three qualified internal applicants

If the TAP determines that either of these criteria are not met, the department must cancel the existing posting and repost the position for both internal and external applicants for the minimum five business day posting period.

Related Requirements

External Regulations

University Policies, Standards, and Procedures

Contact Information

Primary Contact

Contact: Employment and Staffing

Address: Office of Human Resources, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 104 Airport Dr, Chapel Hill, 27599



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