Funding Contingencies for EHRA Non-Faculty Appointments Policy


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Funding Contingencies for EHRA Non-Faculty Appointments



All EHRA non-faculty appointments or reappointments may be made contingent on the availability of funds other than continuing state budget funds or permanent trust funds. In many instances, the contingency is related to continued sponsored research contract and grant funding. When present, this contingency permits early discontinuation of the appointment contrary to the normal appointment terms.

Scope of Applicability

This policy applies to all EHRA Non-Faculty employee appointments.


Policy Statement

Documentation & Procedure

HR Representatives should consult Connect Carolina documentation and appropriate EHRA Non-Faculty Procedural Supplements/Appendices for procedural information for implementing funding contingencies, including providing required documentation.

Implementing a Funding Contingency

To implement a funding contingency, the funding contingency must be included on the letter of appointment or reappointment prepared by the Department Head and provided to the employee.

The following clause or substantially similar language is included in all EHRA non-faculty appointment letters for appointments with a funding contingency:

"This appointment is contingent upon the continuing availability to (the department name) of funds appropriate for the payment of your salary from sources other than continuing state budget funds or permanent trust funds. If at some future time these funds are unavailable, your appointment may have to be terminated; this is the meaning of contingency clause."

End of Appointment Due to Loss of Funding

A funding contingency permits early discontinuation of an EHRA non-faculty appointment due to a loss of funding. In these instances, the normal notice requirements for non-reappointment per EHRA Non-Faculty employment policies are superseded.

While this notice may legally be accomplished without prior notice, departments should attempt to provide a minimum courtesy 30-day notice whenever possible.

All terminations due to activation of a funding contingency should be accomplished in writing to the employee by the Department Chair/Head and be copied through normal administrative approval channels. HR Representatives can find a letter template in the form section of the HR Community Toolkit.

Contact Information

Policy Contact

Unit: Office of Human Resources

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