904.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Dual Employment: UNC-CH as the Borrowing Agency

Procedure Statement

The UNC-Chapel Hill Borrowing Department is responsible for initiating a written agreement with the Parent State Agency to secure the services of an employee from that Agency. After the services are rendered, the Borrowing Department must initiate a Dual Employment Certification Form. After completing the appropriate sections of the form, the department must forward the form along with the Dual Employment Payment Request Form for payment to Budget, Planning and Analysis for budget review and processing to the Accounting Services to generate a Cash Management Central System Transfer (CMCST) to the Parent Agency.

Forms and Instructions

Dual Employment Agreement

Before an employee begins work in a Dual Employment assignment, a Letter of Agreement, also known as a LOA, must be completed showing approval from the employee’s department head and a representative of the requesting agency.

For EHRA Non-Faculty and SHRA employees the Dual Employment Request Form must be approved by UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Human Resources prior to the employee working. This form can take the place of the Letter of Agreement.

When developing the LOA, for EHRA Faculty, it should reflect:

  • The employee being borrowed
  • The Borrowing Agency
  • The Parent Agency
  • Scope of Work
  • Duration and time period of work
  • Salary amount for services

The arrangement must be confined to one fiscal year, renewing annually if services cross fiscal years. When services are to be spread over a period of time (such as a semester), the payment to the Parent Agency, as well as the employee, may be spread over the same period and can be made on a pay-period basis.

The above requirements must be met and agreed upon by both agencies in order to establish a Dual Employment Agreement.

Dual Employment Certification Form (CP-30)

The Dual Employment Certification Form (CP-30) should be completed by the Borrowing Agency. It can be completed after the services have begun.

In Section One of the CP-30, enter the requested information on the left side of the form:

  • Name of Agency - UNC-Chapel Hill (spell out Chapel Hill) and include the Department Name
  • Name of Employee
  • Nature and Location of Work Performed
  • Dates Worked
  • Signature of the Contracting Agency Official - should be signed by the Department Head

(Not Required: Rate & Time, Agency Code and Subhead)

When completing the right side of Section One, Analysis of Payment to Parent Agency enter the following:

  • Salary for Services
  • Matching Social Security (at 7.65%)
  • Total Payment Due Parent Agency (Salary + Social Security)

(Not Required: All other fields)

In Section Two, Certification by Parent Agency, enter the Name of Agency and the Name of Employee being Borrowed. The remaining fields will be completed and signed by the Parent Agency at the end of the process.

Both the CP-30 and Dual Employment Payment request (904.2.1f) will need to be routed to Budget, Planning and Analysis at Campus Box #1250 or via email to dualemployment@unc.edu.

The Budget, Planning & Analysis Office will verify the CP-30 for accuracy and completeness. If the CP-30 is incomplete or contains errors, it will be returned and will require resubmission. The next steps in the process depend on whether the Dual Employment request is Grant related.

If the Dual Employment request is Grant related, the Budget, Planning & Analysis Office will route the Payment Request Form along with the CP-30 to the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) for approval of funding. Once approval from OSR has been received and the forms returned to BP&A, the process will continue with routing to Accounting Services for the funds transfer.

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  • October 1, 2014: Updated process for written agreement with Parent Agency.
  • January 30, 2012
  • October 24, 2007
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