903.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Calculating Fringe Benefits

Procedure Statement

Fringe benefits should be calculated and budgeted when personnel budget is being created using non-personnel budget.

Forms and Instructions

Social Security (515100)

Social Security Benefits are comprised of two variable rates -- OASDI for the Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance (515120) and Medicare (515130). To calculate the rate for OASDI (515120) subtract the annual salary from the current Federal Medicare cap to calculate the salary amount above the cap. Multiply the salary amount below the cap by the social security rate and then multiply the amount above the cap by the Medicare rate only. Add these two amounts together to get the total for 515100.

Retirement (515200, 515400, 515300)

State Retirement (515200) is for permanent SPA employees. Permanent EPA employees have an option to select the State Retirement Plan (515200) or the TIAA Optional Retirement Plan (515400). Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) (515300) is for Law Enforcement employees only. To calculate the retirement rate, multiply the annual salary by the respective retirement rate.

Medical Insurance (515500)

Multiply the FTE amount by the medical insurance rate. If the person will only work a portion of the year, divide the amount calculated above by 12 months, then multiply that result by the number of months the person will work in the fiscal year. This procedure must be done for each source of funding for the employee.

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