604.1 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Disposing of University-Owned Surplus Property


University-owned surplus property must be turned in to the University's Surplus Property Warehouse at the end of the useful life of the equipment.

To send equipment or furniture to the University Surplus Property Warehouse, use the Surplus Property Management System. Initial Surplus Property Management System registration for your department can be set up by completing the Finance Form 604.1.1f - Surplus Property Management System (SPMS) Department Administrator Initial Registration form.

A training manual for the system can be found on the University Finance "Training and Development" page.

The Surplus Property Management System will generate the forms necessary for sending items to Surplus and advise the Surplus Property Officer of a department's Surplus pickup request.

Leave UNC-CH Asset Management decals on equipment being sent to Surplus.

Units must follow the Prohibitions for Surplus Property requirements issued by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) before preparing a Surplus pickup request. (Please see the "Attachments" section below.)

Any equipment or laboratory supplies used in conjunction with biohazardous substances or chemicals must be decontaminated and cleared by EHS and a Safety Clearance Form or sticker attached.

See the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Policy 604 - Policy on University-Owned Surplus Property for policy on refrigerators, freezers, locking desks and file cabinets, and window air conditioners.

See the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Finance Policy 605 - Policy on Surplus Computers or Electronic Media Storage Devices for policy on surplus computers and electronic media storage devices.

Equipment cannot be sold or donated outside of the Surplus Property System.

The Surplus Property Officer, under direction of the State Surplus Property Office, determines the most advantageous method to recycle or scrap equipment.



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Surplus Property Logistics 919-962-0739 919-962-2356 logistics@unc.edu
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