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School of Medicine: Procedure for Assigning or Removing Mobile Device Stipend

Device Stipend Policy and University Finance Procedure 1269.1 - Establishing and Paying for Mobile Device Stipend Procedure. ... unit-procedure ... Stipend Policy. Related Requirements University Policies, Standards, and Procedures 1269 Mobile Device Stipend Policy 1269.1 Establishing and Paying for Mobile Device Stipend

Standard on Anesthetized Non-Surgical Procedures for Rats and Mice

Standard for planning, documenting, using, and monitoring anesthesia and analgesia use in rodents that are not undergoing surgical procedures. ... , Practitioner's Manual - Section IV: Recordkeeping Requirements University Policies, Standards, and Procedures For more detailed guidance, please refer to the Policy on the Care and Use of Vertebrate

Policy on Export Controls

certain data or certain laboratory spaces should be restricted for confidentiality, export compliance, national security, safety, and/or other security reasons. To that end this policy establishes a framework for identifying certain activities, research, and/or research. ... university-policy ... activities that involve export controlled items and/or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) through this policy and additional standard operating procedures (SOPs). UNC-Chapel Hill does not conduct or

602.4 - Procedure for Reporting Fabricated Equipment as a Capital Asset

This Procedure provides guidance on fabricated equipment of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, when it qualifies for capitalization, and the appropriate preparation of purchase orders when acquiring components of a fabricated piece of equipment that may qualify as capital equipment. ... university-procedure ... - Capitalization/Classification University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Finance Policy 601 - Policy on Capital Assets Finance Policy 602 - Policy on Acquisition of Equipment Forms

Open Access Policy

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill adopts this policy in order to disseminate the fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible. ... university-policy ... pedagogical materials or books sold for profit. Related Requirements External Regulations and Consequences None. University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Copyright Policy of the

Policy on Automobile Accidents and Damage

The prompt reporting of automobile accidents helps minimize our financial loss or the legal and financial obligation we may have to the other party. ... university-policy ... Management University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Procedure on Reporting Automobile Accidents Automobile Loss Notice Form Additional Information Frequently Asked Questions

903.3 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Procedure on Reconciling Fringe Benefits

finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... each payroll is run, an allocation is processed to transfer fringe budgets from the pool and to roll up to each chartfield string. The roll-up includes all activity for the particular payroll run by

Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 00: Table of Contents

This document provides an overview of the structure of the Summer School Procedures Manual. ... university-procedure ... Title Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 00: Table of Contents Procedures Manual and Forms 1. Introduction Summer School Staff and Administrative Board 2. The Program

Tuition Waiver Policy

of North Carolina system. Participation is voluntary and courses may be taken for career development or for personal interest. Benefits Services in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) administers the Tuition Waiver Program. ... university-policy ... tuition for the entire semester even if the employee officially withdraws from the course, as provided in the policies and procedures established by the Cashier’s Office of the enrolling institution

Procedure for Flexible Work Arrangements for University Employees

The University recognizes the importance of providing flexibility for employees to balance work responsibilities with personal obligations and commitments. Departments are encouraged to be open to ... university-procedure ... Hours Upon request and subject to the requirements outlined in the Policy and in these procedures, requests for flexible work hours are at the discretion of the unit and/or supervisor. Unit

School of Nursing: Policies On Academic Performance And Progression

The academic performance and progression of each student enrolled in the School of Nursing is regularly monitored to assure timely progression to degree. The purpose of this review is to make certain ... unit-policy ... having difficulties to obtain the help and support they need. Formal Academic Progression Review occurs across all program levels at the end of each semester. Links to policies and procedures specific

705.1 - Procedure for Notifying Vendors of the University’s Tax Exempt Status

finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Finance Form 705.1.1f - Tax Exemption Letter to UNC-CH Business Partner. Finance Policy 705 - Sales and Use Tax Exemption Policy Contact

Records Management Policy

In order to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and University policies, all UNC-Chapel Hill employees, as well as contractors, vendors, volunteers, or any other person or agency creating ... university-policy ... Title The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Records Management Introduction Purpose In order to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and University policies

Procedure for Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a vibrant and diverse population of over 29,000 students. With a population of this size, we recognize there are occasions when our students may be ... university-procedure ... , 700.4.2: Policy on Student Conduct University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Emergency Evaluation and Action Committee Policy and Procedures The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance

Patent & Invention Policy

, provide adequate recognition and reward to inventors. This policy has been established to ensure that those inventions and discoveries in which the University has an interest will be utilized in a manner consistent with the public good through patent protection or other mechanisms as appropriate. ... university-policy ... and Other Professional Staff University Policies, Standards, and Procedures The Office of Technology Commercialization shall establish procedures and guidelines to implement this policy