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1505 - Policy on Travel & Expense Card Program

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the issuance, use of the University Travel & Expense Card (T&E) and to ensure that controls are in place to mitigate risk, compliance with State and University travel policies, and regulations. ... university-policy ... T&E Card transactions must comply with University policies, and/or requirements of the sponsor if traveling on sponsored funds. Failure to comply with this policy and all associated procedures may

1505.2 - Procedure for Using a Travel & Expense Card

This Procedure states the scope of what the Travel & Expense Card (T&E) can be used for to comply with state auditing rules. It details examples of allowable and non-allowable uses of the T&E Card and defines the oversight of card use. ... university-procedure ... must be in compliance with Finance Policy 1501 - Policy on Business Travel and follow the relevant travel procedures in Finance Procedures 1501.1 - 1501.7 (available in the 1501 Policy under "Related

Amplified Sound Policy

This policy is intended to ensure sound in the Pit does not negatively impact libraries and classroom buildings during academic instruction times and to provide a process for requesting amplified sound in advance with the Carolina Union. ... university-policy ... University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Facilities Use Policy Contact Information 3103 FPG Student Union Corner of South & Raleigh Road 209 South Road, CB # 5210 Chapel Hill

Additional Employment Policy

A permanent full-time SHRA employee (regularly scheduled 40 hours each work week) normally is appointed to one position at one established rate of pay. However, the University allows additional employment for a permanent full-time employee under the circumstances outlined in this Policy. ... university-policy ... (NOTE: Contact Academic Personnel for information on procedures for assignment of a teaching title); a secondary Faculty Intermittent position is created, compensation is to be paid as a one-time

205.2 - Procedure on Establishing an Endowment Fund Source

This procedure is for establishing an endowment fund Source, where the principal is to remain intact (the gift exists in perpetuity) and is to be invested to produce income that may be expended or reinvested. ... finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... . Related Policies Finance Procedure 205.3 - Procedure on Establishing, Modifying and Closing an Institutional Trust or Special Fund Source Finance Policy 205 - Policy on ConnectCarolina Chartfield

602.2 - Procedure for Purchasing and Trading in of Capital Equipment

This procedure provides basic guidance related to the purchasing and trading-in of capital equipment. ... finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... Procedures Finance Policy 601 - Policy on Capital Assets Finance Policy 602 - Policy on Acquisition of Equipment Finance Procedure 602.1 - Procedure for Receiving Gifts and Donations of Capital

Paid Parental Leave Procedure

university-procedure ... Title Paid Parental Leave Procedure Introduction Paid Parental Leave (PPL) cannot be approved before the qualifying event (birth, adoption, foster care placement, or other legal placement of

Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for Rental Vehicles

Employees that rent vehicles for official University business do not need to acquire or purchase additional automobile insurance. Rather, the University's existing automobile insurance policy automatically provides both liability and physical damage insurance for these vehicles. ... university-procedure ... Enterprise Rent a Car Triangle Rent a Car University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Policy on Insurance for University Vehicles Policy on Insurance for Rental Vehicles Policy on

1505.3 - Procedure for Reconciling a Travel & Expense Card

This procedure explains the process of Travel & Expense Card (T&E Card) reconciliation. It details the process for online charges and the duties of the Accountholder. ... finance-policy-and-procedures-manual ... Requirements University Policies, Standards, Procedures, and Forms Anonymous Report of T&E Card Fraud or Abuse Web Form Finance Form 705.1.1f - Tax Exemption Letter to UNC-CH Business Partner

Policy on Export Controls

certain data or certain laboratory spaces should be restricted for confidentiality, export compliance, national security, safety, and/or other security reasons. To that end this policy establishes a framework for identifying certain activities, research, and/or research. ... university-policy ... activities that involve export controlled items and/or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) through this policy and additional standard operating procedures (SOPs). UNC-Chapel Hill does not conduct or

Standard Operating Procedure for Tamoxifen

This document establishes procedures for the safe handling and use of Tamoxifen (CAS# 10540-29-1). Tamoxifen is a white, odorless, crystalline solid with a melting point of 140-144 degrees Celsius ... university-procedure ... procedures for the safe handling and use of Tamoxifen (CAS# 10540-29-1). Health Effects Tamoxifen is a known carcinogen (IARC Group 1), toxic, and is considered a reproductive hazard. Pregnant

Procedure on Acquiring Insurance for University Vehicles

All University-owned vehicles, trailers and mobile equipment are covered under the master insurance policy of the state of North Carolina. Certain insurance coverage is automatically placed while ... university-procedure ... coverage. Related Requirements External Regulations and Consequences North Carolina General Statute § 58-31-55 University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Policy on Insurance

Tuition Waiver Policy

of North Carolina system. Participation is voluntary and courses may be taken for career development or for personal interest. Benefits Services in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) administers the Tuition Waiver Program. ... university-policy ... tuition for the entire semester even if the employee officially withdraws from the course, as provided in the policies and procedures established by the Cashier’s Office of the enrolling institution

Open Access Policy

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill adopts this policy in order to disseminate the fruits of its research and scholarship as widely as possible. ... university-policy ... pedagogical materials or books sold for profit. Related Requirements External Regulations and Consequences None. University Policies, Standards, and Procedures Copyright Policy of the

Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 01: Introduction

The UNC Summer School Procedures Manual is designed to help summer Administrators and unit managers develop Summer School programs. The Manual provides information about the planning calendar ... university-procedure ... Title Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 01: Introduction 1. Introduction The UNC Summer School Procedures Manual is designed to help summer administrators and managers develop Summer