Adams School of Dentistry: Dress Code Policy

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Adams School of Dentistry: Dress Code Policy



Professional dress represents an important outward expression of one's inward commitment to the professionalism broadly outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct. The purpose of this Policy is to set forth the School's commitment to the maintenance of a professional image as well as infection control and safety standards.


The Policy applies to the Adams School of Dentistry Students and Residents (referred to collectively as "Students") during class, clinic and patient care hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Infection control as it pertains to labs is required at all times, including after hours.

The Dress Code also serves as a guide of how to dress when engaged in dental school activities outside the school proper. Note that specific requirements are placed on community service attire.


All Students are responsible for maintaining clean, neat, and well-fitting clothing. Students not engaged in direct patient care but presenting in clinic, for whatever reason, must maintain infection control and safety standards and present themselves in a professional manner.

Personal Hygiene and Hair

  1. Hair should be clean and well groomed.
  2. Beards and mustaches must be clean, neatly trimmed, and well groomed.
  3. Hair must be kept out of the field of operation so that it does not require handling during treatment procedures.
  4. Personal cleanliness and good oral hygiene must be maintained.
  5. Body hygiene is required so that offensive body odor is avoided.
  6. Strong perfumes, colognes, or after-shave lotions must be avoided.
  7. Hands and fingernails must be kept clean.
  8. Fingernails must be kept trimmed and well-manicured.


  1. All jewelry should be kept to a minimum and out of the field of operation.
  2. Jewelry should not affect one's ability to wear gloves, masks or gowns.


Professional attire* or scrubs** must be worn in all classes and laboratories. Scrubs are required in clinic. In clinic and in lab, students must ensure that their attire meets infection control regulations as outlined in the Infection Control Manual. Residents working in the hospital should adhere to hospital guidelines rather than the Adams School of Dentistry dress code.

When representing the UNC Adams School of Dentistry at community service events, students must wear their UNC Adams School of Dentistry scrubs or professional attire along with their nametag. Students must abide by all infection control and safety standards with regards to dress.

1. *Professional Attire (examples)

  1. Dress pants/slacks
  2. Khakis
  3. Dress shirts (e.g., oxford cloth)
  4. Knit or polo shirts with collars
  5. Blouses
  6. Blouses with straps >2 inches
  7. Skirts and dresses must be at least at knee level when standing
  8. Closed-toed shoes (required for clinic and lab only)

2. **Scrubs specifications

  1. Scrub colors are limited to Carolina Blue, surgical green, black, gray, or navy blue.
  2. Scrubs should be neat and clean with a scrub top and bottom.
  3. Scrub top and bottom must be a solid color, with no pattern.
  4. Scrub top and bottom must be a matched set.
  5. Scrubs must be worn with socks and closed-toe shoes.
  6. If worn, athletic shoes must be clean.
  7. A clean, plain T-shirt may be worn under scrubs.
  8. If long-sleeved, the T-shirt must be plain, with no pattern or other design.
  9. On days designated by the administration, a T-shirt may be worn in place of the scrub top. T-shirts must be UNC Dentistry-related, and be professional in appearance (e.g., "Carolina Dentistry," "Mexico Project").

3. Unacceptable attire in class, clinic, or laboratory settings (examples)

  1. Shorts, sweats, gym attire
  2. Jeans
  3. Bare feet
  4. Halter tops, tube tops/strapless tops, tank tops with straps <2 inches
  5. Low-cut tops
  6. Clothing displaying abdominal region
  7. See-through clothing
  8. Visible undergarments when sitting or standing
  9. Non-religious or non-surgical head wear
  10. Head gear (excluding headbands and ties to hold back hair)

General Considerations

Each student is expected to keep locker areas, clinical facilities, and preclinical labs in order. All used gowns and trash should be placed in their respective receptacles. Students will be notified of any updates or changes to the Adams School of Dentistry Dress Code policy.

Violations of this Policy

Violations of the dress code by students will result in disciplinary actions as designated by the Adams School of Dentistry's Professionalism Committee.

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