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Adams School of Dentistry: Infection Control Manual - Chapter 09: Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWL) & Vacuum Maintenance

Protection Agency require drinking water meet regulatory standards of ≤500 colony forming units (CFU/mL); this requirement is applied to DUWL. DUWL Maintenance Procedures One of two preventative

Procedures for Addressing Prohibited Sexual Harassment Under Title IX

of a Formal Complaint, the University will initiate a prompt, thorough, and impartial resolution process. Both forms of resolution – informal and formal – require submission of a Formal Complaint

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 1401: Promptly Reportable Information

. Failure to complete institutionally required human subjects protection training prior to engaging in human subjects research. Failure to complete the IRB application or other forms related to

Procedure for Reporting and Responding to Reports of Workplace Violence

. Informal Resolution Informal Resolution does not involve a formal Investigation or disciplinary action against a Responding Party and is not appropriate for all forms of conduct under the Policy. The

Standard on Rodent Survival Surgery

: The complete elimination of microbial viability, including both the vegetative and spore forms of bacteria. Related Requirements External Regulations and Consequences US Public Law 89-544

School of Medicine: Policy on the Use of Computing Devices

Finance Procedure 603.4 - Procedure on Reporting University Equipment Movement On and Off Campus UNC-Chapel Hill Finance Form 603.4.1f - Off-Campus Use Agreement and Authorization UNC-Chapel Hill

UNC Police: General Order 01-04R6 - Agency Jurisdiction

within the expanded jurisdiction area the ability to act rather than simply act as a reporting party. Units Affected UNC-CH Police Department Sworn and Non-Sworn Personnel References/Forms

Office of Sponsored Programs - 100.02 - Operating Standard Guide

students at the University with regard to research. While there are many University research policies, the following form an essential foundation for conducting and administering sponsored research at the

Industrial Maintenance and Construction/Support Services Safety Manual - Electrical Safety

Contractor Notification Form.docx ... troubleshoot electrical circuits that can only be performed with the circuit energized or working on circuits that form an integral part of a continuous process that would otherwise need to be completely shut

UNC Police: General Order 01-03R7 - Officer Involved Shootings, In-custody Deaths, or Serious Injuries

. References/Forms North Carolina Crimes, A Guidebook on the Elements of Crime, Jessica Smith North Carolina General Statute § 14-33 (c)(8) Assault on Company or Campus Police Officer

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 2101: Individual Conflict of Interest in Research

should be disclosed to the relevant human research subjects. This may include a description in the consent form of the conflict of interest. 4. References UNC-Chapel Hill Policy on

UNC One Card Cardholder Agreement Policy

terms and conditions: 1. Property of UNC The UNC One Card is property of the University. The Cardholder is eligible for either a physical One Card or a Mobile One Card. Only one form of One Card

Procedure for Appeals to the Board of Trustees

sanction, nonreappointment, or termination decisions under Section 8 of the Tenure Policy, the BOT Panel will issue a recommended decision to the Board, which may be in the form of a written memorandum to

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 08: Agent Summary Statements (Section I: Bacterial Agents)

Texas and a cutaneous case in a North Dakota male who disposed of five cows that died of anthrax.5,6 Natural Modes of Infection The clinical forms of anthrax in humans that result from

Standard on Survival Surgeries for USDA-Covered Species

chemical agent that either kills pathogenic microorganisms or inhibits their growth. Sterilization: The complete elimination of microbial viability, including both the vegetative and spore forms of