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Standard on Satellite Animal Facilities

is responsible for ensuring that all personnel exposed to animals are enrolled in the University Employee Occupational Health Clinic Program through completion of the Animal Handler Form. This form

Procedures for Reporting and Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct Involving a Student as the Responding Party

forms of conduct under the Policy. The University retains the discretion to determine when Voluntary Resolution is appropriate. If a party requests Voluntary Resolution, the Associate Vice Chancellor

Adams School of Dentistry: Dental Hygiene Academic Policies

available within the University or the Adams School of Dentistry (“ASOD”) that may help the student form a plan for success. At the end of each semester, the Curriculum Committee will meet and review

Standard on Animal Procedural Space Exception (APSE)

exposed to animals being held in the APSE facility are enrolled with the UEOHC. The Research Profile and Animal Handler Form can be found on the Research website. Additionally, appropriate personal

Vacation Leave for SHRA Employees

employment application documents and the “Creditable Service for the State of North Carolina” form. Full-time employees (40 hours per week) earn vacation leave according to the chart below. Part-time

Compensation Program for EHRA Non-Faculty Employees (IRPS & SAAO Tier II)

approximate midpoint of the assigned salary range for each job level. The reference rate is not intended as a formal limit for salary decisions in hiring or when deciding on a proposed salary increase for

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 12: Agricultural Pathogen Biosafety

through an exterior wall of the containment area, with the autoclave unit forming an airtight seal with the barrier wall and the bulk of the autoclave situated outside the containment space so

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 17: Guidelines for Work With Toxins of Biological Origin

Class II BSC. "Static-free" disposable gloves should be worn when working with dry forms of toxins that are subject to spread by electrostatic dispersal. In specialized laboratories, the intentional

Accessibility of Digital Content and Materials Standard

will pay for the work. University units must provide a link or other form of contact information connected to all digital material. The contact is for people to report trouble accessing the material

School of Nursing: Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (APT) Policies And Procedures

included in the dossier. Writing a formal letter of review for inclusion in the promotion dossier. Division Heads are expected to review all dossier materials, including all external review letters before

School of Nursing: Standard On Faculty Appointment, Promotion, And Tenure

committees at the time of consideration for tenure and for promotion. Sequential joint appointments require completion of a “Recommendation of Joint Appointment” form signed by the heads of

Laboratory Safety Manual - Chapter 04: Proper Storage of Chemicals in Laboratories

Oxidizers and Salts Store inorganic oxidizers in a cool, dry place away from combustible materials such as zinc, alkaline metals, formic acid, and other reducing agents. Inorganic salts may also

204 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Types of Funds

University to establish institutional trust funds. The trust funds are described in State legislation as follows: Moneys, or the proceeds of other forms of property, received by an

601 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Policy on Capital Assets

equipment that becomes a part of, or annexed to, a building or structure that is owned or leased by the State agency. UNC-Chapel Hill files the return quarterly using Form E-585E, State Agency Claim for

Policy on Naming University Facilities and Units

committee. B. Membership The Committee shall consist of not fewer than six nor more than twelve members, the majority of whom shall be appointed from among current or former members of the University