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Reporting and Responding to Complaints of Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Misconduct Involving a Visitor, Program Participant, Contractor, or other Third Party as the Responding Party

. Some forms of resolution will focus on supporting the Reporting Party with no participation or involvement by the Responding Party. Other forms of resolution may include participation by the

Policy on Export Controls

Compliance Office. Shipping items outside of the United States may require an export license. Shippers should submit the UNC-Chapel Hill Export Control Review Form for International Shipments and

School of Medicine Nephropathology Laboratory: Chemical Hygiene Plan

such as sulfuric or nitric acid, in order to prevent formation of fumes and corrosion of storage cabinets. Highly Toxic Chemicals and Carcinogens: Almost any substance in quantity can be harmful

Procedure for Protection of Minors

misconduct, harassment or assault; and/or The University’s Employee and Management Relations ("EMR") Unit of the Office of Human Resources ("OHR") at 919-843-3444 for instances involving any other forms

Patent & Invention Policy

interest. II. Duty to Disclose Inventions to University Each Invention must be disclosed promptly upon its creation, conception or discovery. The form of disclosure shall be determined by the

SHRA Temporary Employment Policy

: through UNC-Chapel Hill and NC State University’s joint University Temporary Services (UTS) service; through an outside temporary employment agency; and/or by hiring temporary staff directly onto the department’s payroll (Direct Hire Temporary). ... -Chapel Hill payroll Temporary Employment Provisions A temporary employee is employed for a limited duration, which must not exceed eleven (11) consecutive months with limited exceptions

UNC Police: General Order 09-01R4 - Property and Evidence Control

References/Forms North Carolina Crime Lab Analysis Report North Carolina General Statute §15-11 Seizure custody and disposition of articles; exceptions North Carolina General Statute §15-12

Instructions for Preparing a Hazard Management Program

training is only required for one employee or a select few, the complete a separate form for each individual or group. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard Assessment Review the operations

Protocol for Responding to Breaches of Protected Health Information (PHI)

health information in electronic and conventional form in association with financial or administrative transactions. Protected Health Information ("PHI") – Information that is created or received by a

Carolina Union: Policy Introduction and Terminology

Carolina Union and University standards. The Carolina Union reserves the right to change these policies, guidelines and forms at any time. General Policies Student Organizations - Reservation

Laboratory Safety Manual - Chapter 20: Formaldehyde Exposure Control Policy

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a standard (29 CFR 1910.1048) to ensure proper protection of all workers exposed to formaldehyde. The standard applies to all forms of formaldehyde including gas, aqueous solutions, solids, and materials that can release it. ... 1910.1048) to ensure proper protection of all workers exposed to formaldehyde. The standard applies to all forms of formaldehyde including gas, aqueous solutions, solids, and materials that can release it

School of Medicine: Procedure for Evaluation of School Competencies and Enabling Competencies

direct support to the evaluation and review processes and procedures described above by preparing reports based on course evaluation data and course results, prepopulating review forms and facilitating

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 1301: FDA-Regulated Research

FDA. These records include: correspondence with other investigators, the IRB, the sponsor, monitors, or the FDA; drug and device accountability records; case histories; consent forms; and

UNC Health Care and UNC School of Medicine Vendor Relations Policy

“Financial Relationship” must be the possession or receipt by Covered Personnel or a Family Member of: Income, in any form and in any amount and for any purpose, received from a Vendor. Ownership

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 08: Agent Summary Statements (Section VIII: Prion Diseases)

that variant CJD can also be transmitted by blood transfusion.4 However, there is no evidence for bloodborne transmission of non-variant forms of CJD. Familial CJD, GSS, and FFI are all dominantly