Campus Multi-Functional Device (MFD) Copier Policy



Prior to the implementation of this policy, the University used multiple vendors for printing and copying services, which was costly. By consolidating these services, the Carolina Managed Print Services Program reduces costs and provides effective copying and printing without compromising productivity or convenience.

Scope of Applicability

This policy applies to all schools and divisions, including institutes, departments and centers.


Policy Statement

Effective January 1, 2016, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has established a campus-wide contract for Multi-functional Devices (MFDs) that provide copy, print, scan and fax capabilities. University schools/divisions are required to adhere to this contract.

Overview of Policy Terms

Schools and divisions (including institutes, departments and centers) must receive MFDs from the official contracted vendor.

MFDs provided to campus have the capability to copy, print and scan. Capabilities include in full color and black & white or standard black & white output. All MFDs default to black & white output for copying and printing and default to two-sided copying and printing. These settings can be manually changed if needed.

MFDs that print 80 or 90 pages-per-minute are available in black & white output only.

MFDs are available to units through a low cost per-print program. All toner and service is provided.

Carolina Managed Print Services will oversee this campus-wide program in close collaboration with Procurement Services. Pre-existing MFD contracts will be honored until they expire.



An assessment of each school, division, department, and center is conducted by Carolina Managed Print Services. This assessment determines the size/speed for MFDs needs based on current copy/print volume, number of employees, etc.

A recommendation for each area is developed by Carolina Managed Print Services based on the assessment findings.

Carolina Managed Print Services will meet with each department to review the recommendation, discuss potential savings, explain support services and remedy concerns. Carolina Managed Print Services works with the department to determine how best to proceed. New orders for equipment are placed.


Delivery of equipment occurs approximately 30 days after confirmation of the order.


Training is provided at the time of delivery and is ongoing by Carolina Managed Print Services staff.

Web-based training is available on Carolina Managed Print Services' website.

Device Monitoring

All devices are monitored centrally for proactive maintenance and toner levels. Toner will be delivered as needed.

Other supplies, such as staples, will be delivered upon request and for an additional charge if appropriate.


Billing occurs monthly to each customer through the Carolina Managed Print Services website. Each department will be billed electronically through Customer Billing Management (CBM).


Customers will not be subject to any minimum copies printed each month. As part of the MFD program, customers will pay a base charge and cost-per-copy. Paper and staples will be extra. All toner, maintenance and parts will be included in the cost-per-copy price. This policy applies to all MFDs.

Additional features or upgrades can be added for additional costs.

See the Carolina Managed Print Services website for exact pricing.

Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did the University do this?
A: With pricing leveraged by the new campus contract for MFD's on campus, the University can get the best price available in the market.

Q: What if I don't want to participate?
A: This will be a required program for all divisions for MFDs.

Q: What is involved in the assessment?
A: The assessment involves a Carolina Managed Print Services staff member physically coming to a department and taking inventory of the devices there, determining current print volume and assuming future volume, recording number of employees, space layout, etc. Then a proposal for a number of devices will be created and shared with the department for implementation.

Q: How long after the assessment will I receive my new MFD?
A: Once an agreement is reached between a department and Carolina Managed Print Services, it will take on average about 30 days.

Q: I am currently under contract for a lease agreement with another vendor. What do I do when it expires?
A: Once your contract expires, we'll replace your MFD with one from our program. You will then call Carolina Managed Print Services and we will provide you with new equipment.

Q: How would I obtain a larger volume copier than what your assessment says I need?
A: There will be an exception form available for these cases which will need to be approved by your Dean/Vice Chancellor.

Q: How will I get toner or maintenance for my MFD?
A: All toner and maintenance is included in your pricing. This eliminates the need to order toner from any outside vendor. Toner will either be shipped directly to your department. Toner levels will be monitored so we'll know when you are low on toner and get it to you using the above method.


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