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This document describes the guidelines by which UNC-Chapel Hill faculty can be nominated to teach Summer School courses.
The University offers this operating standard to provide clarification and guidance as to University practices regarding expenditure inquiries regarding travel, in conjunction with Federal regulations governing allowability.
Only current graduate or undergraduate students can be nominated as an instructor or in any other instructional support position, such as a grader. Units may not appoint anyone else into these positions. If a graduate student is to be graduated in May, he or she must be appointed as a visiting faculty member, following the appropriate procedures and conforming to the academic credentials required in a particular college or school.
To establish protocols of payment (Stipend) received by employees intended to compensate for business-related activity on a personal mobile device without the user having to submit documentation for business related calls.
This Procedure provides guidance on how the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (“University” or “UNC-Chapel Hill”) School of Medicine (SOM) applies University Finance Policy 1269 - Mobile Device Stipend Policy and University Finance Procedure 1269.1 - Establishing and Paying for Mobile Device Stipend Procedure.
To govern the use of mobile devices by University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill employees and to provide guidelines, criteria and conditions for mobile devices in order to comply with IRS regulations and meet the University's fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of the State of North Carolina.