Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 02: The Program


Summer School Procedures Manual Chapter 02: The Program

2. The Program

  1. The Summer School coordinates academic programs for Academic Affairs only.
  2. Summer School offers two standard sessions of five and one-half weeks and Maymester of three weeks. Summer School offers special sessions when there is sufficient interest or need (i.e., short courses and field courses).
  3. The Summer School administrator from each school or department works with school and/ or department leadership to develop the roster of courses offered. Summer School meets with the Summer School Administrator as needed to discuss scheduling strategies.
  4. The summer faculty consists largely of regular University faculty members. In addition, some visiting faculty members and graduate students may teach with their unit's approval. The Summer School Administrator nominates instructors for the proposed courses, assigning salaries according to the approved Summer School guidelines and subject to budget restrictions. 
  5. All of the financial support for Summer School comes from student tuition receipts.
  6. Summer School allocates funding for personnel and non-personnel expenses to all participating schools and departments.  In allocating funding, Summer School takes into account the previous year's enrollment. 
  7. The amount of personnel funds allocated must pay for all salaries and wages for summer instruction including faculty, teaching assistants, graduate or undergraduate assistants, and Summer School administrators. Allocations are made by session and are not transferable between sessions because they are in different fiscal years.
  8. Summer School allocates non-personnel funding for supplies and materials to academic affairs units' deans office to support summer instruction.  
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