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Adams School of Dentistry: Dress Code Policy

set forth the School's commitment to the maintenance of a professional image as well as infection control and safety standards. ... Adams School of Dentistry at community service events, students must wear their UNC Adams School of Dentistry scrubs or professional attire along with their nametag. Students must abide by all infection

Environment, Health and Safety Manual - Chapter 04.19: False Alarm Ordinance

EHS---Environment-Health-and-Safety-Manual ... organization that is responsible for the monitoring and billing of the ordinance called “Crywolf.” In the event of an activation, the building facility manager will then receive an email per alarm so they are

Non-Salary And Deferred Compensation

This policy sets forth specific definitions and procedures for the payment of non-salary and deferred compensation to Faculty and EHRA Non-Faculty employees of the University of North Carolina at ... all other categories of EHRA employees must be submitted on a case-by-case basis for advance review and approval by the Board of Trustees. Campus Athletic & Cultural Events Positions

Procedures for Addressing Prohibited Sexual Harassment Under Title IX

Students, Employees, and other persons reported to have engaged in conduct that could constitute Sexual Harassment under this Policy. These Procedures apply to locations, events, or circumstances for

Incident Management Policy

. Definitions Information Security Incident: Includes any event that has the potential to negatively impact the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of UNC-Chapel Hill's sensitive information

Adams School of Dentistry: Technical Standards

Personal Attributes and Capabilities Essential for Admission, Promotion, and Certification for Adams School of Dentistry Students and Residents. Students and Residents are expected to have read and understood these standards. ... aspects include patient management, procedural events, instrumentation, materials, and foreseeable medical and treatment complications. D. Communication Skills The ASOD provider must be able to

Office of Human Research Ethics SOP 3101: Research in Educational Settings

historical record of specific personal events and experiences related to the Holocaust and provide a venue for Holocaust survivors to tell their stories. 2. Systematic investigations involving open-ended

Civil Leave

Leave-and-Holidays ... , subpoena, etc.) as to purpose, date, and expected duration of the court-related event as soon as practicable. There is no accrual amount for Civil Leave nor is there a maximum amount of Civil Leave an employee can apply in a calendar year.

Policy on Insurance for Rental Vehicles

Insurance coverage for rental vehicles is provided by the University's automobile insurance which is part of a master policy issued to The State of North Carolina. We are required to comply with all state policies regarding insurance and rental vehicle use. ... Campus-Safety-and-Risk-Management ... University Motor Pool for their rental needs. In the event a vehicle is not available, or the rental situation precludes the use of their vehicles, the state of North Carolina currently has rental contracts

Adams School of Dentistry: Policy for Management of Medical Emergencies

there will be medical emergencies among those patients as well as persons who accompany them. Medical emergencies also occur among our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. ... Emergency Equipment - AED and Oxygen Tanks.jpg ... oxygen tank is to be brought to the scene and when appropriate, oxygen is to be administered. If warranted, CPR is to be initiated immediately. A chronological recording of the emergency event is to

Policy on Insurance for University Vehicles

The University's insurance is part of a master policy issued to The State of North Carolina. We are required to comply with all state policies regarding insurance and vehicle use. ... Campus-Safety-and-Risk-Management ... permitted by a University official. Students and non-State employees may be passengers in University vehicles provided they are attending athletic events or other activities officially sanctioned

Biological Safety Manual - Chapter 01: Introduction

Over the past two decades, Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL) has become the code of practice for biosafety—the discipline addressing the safe handling and containment of infectious microorganisms and hazardous biological materials. ... care facilities has expanded. Recent world events have demonstrated new threats of bioterrorism. For these reasons organizations and laboratory directors are compelled to evaluate and ensure the

Mercury-Free UNC Policy

Mercury pollution is one of the most significant environmental toxins found in the United States. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a variety of public health organizations have identified mercury elimination as one of their highest priorities in recent years. ... to maintain inventories of mercury can request an exception via EHS. In the event of a disagreement over the requested exception, the Laboratory and Chemical Safety Committee will be asked to review

Standard on Satellite Animal Facilities

The standards and procedures described in this document provide guidance to all researchers and animal handlers for the establishment and maintenance of a Satellite Animal Facility. ... ’ employees are allowed access to campus. (Described in the UNC Adverse Weather and Emergency Events Policy and Pandemic and Communicable Disease Emergency Policy). Advance coordination and training with DCM

Information Technology Access Control Policy

The Access Control Policy states the University's strong interest in preserving the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of University information and information systems. Access controls are ... . Access Audit and Review Records of events concerning the use and management of user identities and authentication should be preserved according to the requirements of the UNC-Chapel Hill Records